• Sorry, Governments, We’re Entering the Era of Private Money

    Sorry, Governments, We’re Entering the Era of Private Money

  • US Lawmakers Advocate for Blockchain Use in COVID Relief Efforts US Lawmakers Advocate for Blockchain Use in COVID Relief Efforts
  • DeFi Lending Project Teller Finance Taps Chainlink for Unsecured Loans Product DeFi Lending Project Teller Finance Taps Chainlink for Unsecured Loans Product
  • What Should You Know About ANP

    ANP, initiated by Japanese and Korean Foundation and developed by a secret technological team, is an application lab that dedicated in the DeFi field. What is DeFi? DeFi, for most of us, was a wholly new concept when it became a hit in 2020. Some may have heard the name of DeFi, but do not know its connotation. It was YFI that bring DeFi concept into common because the legend of YFI is so widely spread among all crypto users: YFI was issued at a price of $3 with a...

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  • CLOWN TOKEN strike with overwhelming power!

    CLOWN Token is created by several game enthusiasts in Singapore and South Korea, combining the rules of DEFI and using the characteristics of ERC-20. It mainly solves the simple technical applications of point-to-point substitution, offset and guarantee in the game field of DEFI world. Because the initial application is mainly docking chess and card casual games, his name uses the head of the big ghost of poker. CLOWN Token 110 W in total It is divided into three parts: 1. Leisure chess and cards 40w 2. Professional chess and cards...

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  • مؤتمرصحافي عالمي حول التعاون الاستراتيجي معمؤسسة دبي الملكية للخيول

    فيالآونة الأخيرة ، عقدت مؤسسة سباق الخيلالملكية في دبي ، دبي ميدان سباق الخيلفي مؤتمر صحفي عالمي حول التعاونالاستراتيجي.   فيظل خلفية من العولمة الاقتصادية الرقمية، ناقش المؤتمر كيفية استخدام أحدث سحابةالبيانات لجذب السياح في جميع أنحاءالعالم   في هذا الوقت ، مؤسسة دبي السلطانيةللخيول و ميدان سباق الخيل في دبي من خلالاتحاد قوي ، كلا الجانبين على شكل العلامةالتجارية ، ورأس المال ، والتكنولوجيا ،والخدمات وغيرها من الموارد المتفوقةللتفاعل ، وتوفير نموذج عالمي للتعاونالدولي الراقية الفروسية مقرهافي دبي من قبل صاحب السمو الملكي الأميرأحمد بن محمد بن راشد آل...

  • ONP Launches Uniswap

    Oracle Network Protocol is oneaggregate decentralized oracle network. Drawing from the theoreticalfoundations of Chainlink and Bandprotocol, it can realize secure,smooth and efficient inter-communications between information anddata of block-chain and the real world, as well as establishinter-connections between public-chain smart contracts, such as Eth,Eos, and TRON, through cross-chain technology. In addition to inter-communicationsbetween data and information of multiple chains, ONP can also offer aseries of infinitely verifiable decentralized data oracle andcomputing oracle services, as well as a batch of infinitelyverifiable computing capacities for mainstream block-chains. While achieving multipletechnologies which can enhance...

  • PUMP-- The most anti-inflation cryptographic digital asset in the era ofblock chain value

    Youmay find that a 10,000-yuan household in the 1980s could be called arich person, but that the 10,000-yuan household is everywhere now; Inthe 1970s, a dollar could be a semester's tuition. Now you can't takethe bus. That's inflation. Theroot cause of inflation is that money supply is determined bygovernments and central banks. For a country, overissuing money isnot the most reasonable, but it is the most convenient means ofalleviating fiscal deficits; But for ordinary people, inflation willlead to currency devaluation, asset shrinkage and purchasing powerdecline, and hyperinflation will also plunge...

  • The world’s first decentralized mining power financial service platform DMEX is coming online

    We believe in ourselves, therefore we gaze at the stars and shoot for it.   The world needs lionhearts like us to innovate and to discover! Compares to traditional mining, cloud computing based mining lowers the barriers to entry for investors.  Hence it became one of the most sought-after investments at present. Globally there are over 50 cloud based mining platforms.  Together they account for more than 80% of the cloud mining market. Multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets and media communities have entered this market. In the same manner, the sale and transfer of...

  • Decentralized finance adds a new member: the world’s first distributed P2P financial management system is grandly online

    Decentralization is a great consensus technology for mankind, DeFi is the greatest application of blockchain, and the snail super consensus body is the most A great decentralized financial platform. It provides a convenient and secure distributed P2P financial management system for global users. It is freely developed by blockchain players. It is truly decentralized in a practical sense. Its functional token SSCV has a promotion consensus reward. , Platform shareholder identity confirmation and dividends, and many other application functions, the emergence of the snail super consensus body makes up for...

  • YASION under the new economic era of the king of the "flow"

    Inthe era of new commercial economic development, the innovationadvantage is undoubtedly shown in the word "flow". Theinnovative direction of value flow has been placed on the applicationof block chain technology. Reviewing the previous data, we can seethat the success of Google, twitter, alibaba, YOUTUBE, amazon andother Internet platforms cannot be separated from the contribution ofeach of us. As long as we use the platform, we can bring traffic tothe platform and obtain capital value. Butfor users, we make them successful, but we don't get any value back.For advertisers, because the...

  • 탄소길잡이 인 KAU는글로벌 탄소 시장에 활력을 불어 넣고 블록 체인 +환경보호를 구축합니다.

    블록체인의 연구와 응용은 전 세계적으로 본격화되고있습니다."블록체인 +"는새로운 시대의 바람이되었고,탄소배출량을 체인에 넣는 것은 조용히 핫스팟이되었습니다.이러한맥락에서 탄소 경로자 KAU는공식적으로 출시되어 탄소 거래 배출의 각 링크를연결하고 블록 체인 저장 기술을 사용하여 환경 보호를만들고 탄소 시장 거래의 불투명성과 비표준 특성을변경합니다. CarbonWalker KAU라는약칭,카본워커 (CarbonWalker)는WWF에따라 카본 워커 그룹이 만들고 발행 한 탄소 배출 환경보호 생태계이며 WWF는세계에서 가장 권위 있고 독립적 인 비정부 환경 보호조직 중 하나입니다.Carbon Walker Group은WWF가감독하고 환경 자산 관리를 제공하는 다국적 그룹이기도합니다. CarbonWalker KAU는블록 체인 기술을 사용하여 환경 보호 및 보건 산업의현재 문제점을 해결하는 글로벌 생태 문명 건설시스템입니다 .CarbonWalker KAU는블록 빅 데이터를 통해 전...

  • Happy player will be launched soon Consolidate Jewish wisdom and subvert the traditional model Globally sought after, detonating the era

    The "Happy Player" matchmaking game is combined with the blockchain studio to create a model of fun and fairness. Developers use innovative gameplay to greatly enhance the enjoyment of players, and at the same time write the promotion rules as smart contracts, so that no one can tamper with the game rules and data. Players have absolute private control over game assets (props, game coins). Free trading of game assets, you can make money while playing. It can be foreseen that happy player games will be the general trend, and...

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