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Newbit DEX decentralized trading platform-borderless Mining value exchange ecology

NEWBIT DEX is DLT laboratory's of decentralized financial services platform, based on DPOS + PBFT consensus building public chain technology , can achieve many types of digital assets, the transaction retroactive permanent record, transaction data is not tampered with, in true decentralized The community model helps high-quality blockchain projects achieve efficient and sound development, leading the new trend of cryptocurrency transactions.




DLT Lab has built a decentralized and autonomous community "Pure Land Ecology!" through the Newbit DEX platform — Pure Land


At the same time, in the perfect and huge "pure land ecology", there are three structural organizations, they are:


●Link to the Tower of Babel


●THE Pyramid of Order


●Scatter agreement and order agreement





Pure Land not only represents the infinite extension of human power, but also reveals the truth about the operation of the entire world: rules and order, chaos and chaos.


It can be said that the "Pure Land Project" is a key to open a new world dedicated to all mankind after a long period of meticulous carving and gestation by DLT Lab!


Two rulers of "Pure Land Ecology":


To the center of DAO governance tokens STD ( Stand ) and NBT DEX platform tokens NBT ( Newbit Token )


●DAO or " Decentralized Autonomous Organization " refers to decentralized autonomous organizations, their operating rules are programmed to run automatically, as long as the specified conditions are met, the program will be automatically enforced, completely decentralized and automatically executed, no one can change it. STD is the governance token of DAO in the NBTDEX ecosystem .


●NBT is the value circulation token of the NBTDEX ecosystem. The platform's DEFI , lending, staking , or new currency listing all need to use NBT tokens. At the same time, NBT can only be produced through STD mining.



Decentralized community governance token STD issuance ratio and platform token NBT:

●To center DAO tokens governance STD total of 8400 million, or before 6 Yue circulation only total circulation of 11.9% , prices gradually rise late, releasing the total amount of 13.1% .


●Holding DAO governance token STD is generated- NBT DEX platform token NBT , NBT's first month's mining output is 10 million x12% of the initial circulation of STD . In the later period, with the extension of time, the monthly output gradually increased, and the distribution was completed in 10 years.


●NBT's daily mining pool output distribution ratio: 80% dynamic currency holding mining distribution, 10% foundation, 5% community construction, 3% scatter agreement, 2% order agreement.


2020 is a sad year.

The world has experienced epidemics, trade wars, unilateralism, unemployment, inflation, worker unemployment, and rising prices.


2020 is also a year full of hope.

From the decline of Bitcoin at the beginning of 2020 to the current increase of 3 times, the defi project’s hundreds of flowers are contending, the fireworks and the galaxy are soaring. We have seen too much derived from the blockchain architecture. Wealth opportunity.


If you missed it, now you only need to grab the NBT DEX , starting from the modern financial system of the blockchain, let us rebuild a new world of pure land with the innate talents of order, privacy, and freedom!



                                                                                                                                                                                                                  NEWBIT DEX Pure Land Project DLT LAB