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Super RadarSRC -- Make the world better

On November1, 2008, a man calling himself Satoshi Nakamoto published bitcoin: APeer-to-peer Electronic Cash System. In this paper, bitcoin is firstproposed based on P2P network technology, encryption technology,timestamp technology, blockchain technology and other electronic cashsystem invented.

Theinvention of Bitcoin marked the birth of the digital passbook.

Inthe decades of development of DIGITAL Passbook, the emergence ofrising stars ethereum, Ripple currency and USDT has been enrichingand expanding the world of digital passbook. When it enteredthousands of households, bitcoin, which was once a lonely currency,has already become a giant in the family of digital passbook.

Accordingto Coinmap, 15,355 merchants around the world now accept digitalCARDS for payment. Among them, Turkey, Argentina and other countrieswith unstable economy have higher business acceptance. North America,the European Union and other more developed countries and regions.

The reformof Digital Card is not only in the country's plans. In February 2019,Alibaba's Ant blockchain technology was established by Xi 'anCompany, and in June the same year, Facebook of the United Statesreleased a Libra white paper. As the research and development ofdigital card are accelerating, it is undoubtedly a fact that the eraof digital card has come.

At the sametime, the super radar SRC came into being on the road of digitalcommunication economic innovation.

SuperRadar SRC is developed based on block chain technology and adoptsDeFi mode to design a comprehensive digital asset financing financialplatform.

Super RadarSRC -- Make the world better

DeFi isshort for "DecentralizedFinance". Informally, it is a typeof financial product built on blockchain technology with the goal ofdeveloping and operating in a decentralized manner and providing alltypes of financial services on a transparent and open blockchainnetwork.

By virtueof the open, transparent and trusted nature of DeFi, Super Radar hasno centralized watch for currency, transactions, asset access, etc.All transaction records are recorded in the public books and cannotbe tamper with. At the same time, super radar with technicaladvantages, distributed storage, multi-machine mutual backup ofhigh-speed memory trading engine, cold wallet, private key offline torealize the trust system construction of digital asset financeservices. Building a bridge of trust between unfamiliar users reallyrealizes the real realization of decentralization and strong trust.

DeFi,in a sense, is a decentralized replica of the real world of financein the blockchain world. In other words, what kind of financialproducts there are in reality, what kind of products can bereproduced in the blockchain world.

In order tobuild the digital card industry, super Radar SRC relies on the blockchain technology to realize the linkage of merchants up and down thechain, build merchant alliance to realize resource exchange, and helpthe development of physical small, medium and micro financialenterprises. Taking the development of international digital financeas its own responsibility, we will promote closer ties between OneBelt And One Road medium, small and micro businesses.

Super RadarSRC -- Make the world better

At the sametime, in order to build the core competitiveness of digital assetfinancial products, Super Radar employs the leading Wall Street topdigital asset quantitative fund team to build digital asset financialservices. Develop intelligent crawler system of block chain. Design aunique investment strategy evaluation system (selected portfoliostrategy, multi-strategy allocation, absolute risk diversification)and four investment allocation methods (trend, arbitrage,high-frequency, hedge) for users to choose, easy for users tounderstand, learn, use, so as to better serve users.

In terms ofthe commercialization ecology of DIGITAL communication card, SuperRadar takes the lead in the enterprise digitization construction, andconstructs the international digital communication card financialmarket with enterprise digitization, digital capitalization andcapital securitization. For the chain merchants to realize enterprisevalue, accelerate the industrial incubation and enterprisedevelopment.

Block chaintechnology has brought a new direction of digital passbook economy.Digitization, openness and transparency greatly expand theavailability of digital passbook and lower the threshold ofapplication scenarios of passbook assets.

The superRadar will make the global digital passbook public, greatlyaccelerate the construction of the digital passbook economic system,and contribute to the global economic growth!