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HOP-CIT the secret weapon for global interconnection

Everytime human beings successfully solve their own problems, there mustbe a great breakthrough happened.

Sincethe beginning of civilization, mankind has been looking for the bestway to communicate. From the invention of the early language to theemergence of the Internet, all those are aimed to make informationexchange more smoothly with privacy. Although the Internet technologygreatly improves people's communication efficiency, hidden dangersare lurking everywhere, our information and privacy will be exposedto the vast Internet, no one can be spared.

Circulation was born in order to change the way how peoplecommunicated and to achieve global connectivity.

HOP-CIT the secret weapon for global interconnection

In very fields, any innovationhappened means the awakening of countless pioneers. Those countlesspioneers are only a few people who exist in this era. There is nodoubt that you can see State-to-Statetensions, and thecontradictions between the regime and the masses are anywhere at anytime. When you, deprived of privacy and freedom, social development,and personal progress, will suffer a period of stagnation,no one wants to wake up, the price of awakening is terrible.Circulation stepped forward right at this time.

Circulation breaks through thetechnical wall

Circulation is a distributed scientificInternet application developed entirely based on blockchaintechnology, providing Internet access worldwide, especially for thoseusers in countries or regions with limited access to the Internet.The purpose of Circulation is to enable people who need tocommunicate with the outside world through the use of distributedscientific Internet applications. In this field, if the traditionalcentralized server is used as the hosting method, then all thetransmitted data will be completely stored in the server, but thetransmission network built using Circulation's blockchain technologyis a distributed data storage method, all the information arepeer-to-peer transmission, there is no so-called centralized server,you will have your own decision to save or stay of your information.

HOP-CIT the secret weapon for global interconnection

untraceable is the core weapons of Circulation: Since the server,data transmission, and nodes are encrypted based on the blockchain,the application cannot be traced, and there is no possibility that itcan be completely blocked. The more you use, the faster the speedincreases. The more nodes that provide traffic without borders, thefaster the speed increases. In other words, the more users there are,the faster the speed becomes.

Redefining technological development in an environment oftechnological exhaustion

If you don't want to make achange, no one wants to change for you. The blockchain industry isreally gaining momentum in recent years. In fact, all thoseattributes to Mr. Nakamoto’s contribution. Nakamoto is definitely apioneer. Although we in the inherent thinking that Nakamoto must be areal person, the central idol, because of the greatness of Nakamoto.From beginning to end, he did not announce their identity, so that wecan know that in the blockchain world, you do not need a centralcontroller, we can rely entirely on the principles of code, that is,the law, to achieve the rules of operation.

In paying tribute toNakamoto, Circulation has begun a complete landmark quest to redefinetechnology from the deepest depths in the current environment ofblockchain technology and the technological exhaustion of traditionalscientific fields. It's something that's significant enough to changehistory.

Circulation provides a DAO platform where participants aroundthe world can deliver, share, and exchange future science,technology, philosophy, and humanities knowledge, and practiceDAO-style teaching and interaction.

Based on the HOP protocol, developers can develop their own flowpools, mining machines, etc., In the meanwhile, participants canmortgage the purchased CIT into the mining pool, while providingservices, output CIT, directly gain.

HOP-CIT the secret weapon for global interconnection

With this redefined vision, Circulation's responsibility to provide aplatform that not only allows users to disseminate, share, andexchange any knowledge interaction, but also to pledge mining poolsin the process of use. Based on the distributed storage feature, itenables more users around the world to have a smoother experience. Atthe same time, you can obtain CIT's pass-through to achieve a profit,which is where CIT's value lies.

Agreat vision under the governance system.

As mentioned above, theurgent need for human communication, how Process solves it bytechnical means, and the fact that the development of Circulation bythe awakening of a few people is a landmark.

Under the Distribution ecosystem, the Circulation system underDAO form has an unparalleled ability to find high-quality projectsand invest in high-quality projects. And the fairness of the systemcan be guaranteed. Projects both inside and outside the GlobalCirculation system can be initiated on the Circulation platform andinvested in by DAO.

Circulation platform will lead to more quality projects to move inand help ordinary users to choose better projects from aprofessionalpoint of view. At the same time,the value of CIT will become better and morecomprehensive.

HOP-CIT the secret weapon for global interconnection

So how do you use the Circulationplatform in all regions?

First download the Global Connected App (which is officiallyavailable on the Google App Store, Apple App Store) and pay for itwith CIT. Anonymous providers of services can obtain CIT bycontributing traffic and bandwidth.

Circulation in the blockchain industry gives high priority to meetcustomer’s demands. Helping consumers to solve problems is thedriving force for the development of technology. Using technology tochange the existing problems, and make the mechanism to enable usersand platforms to realize the common sharing of dividends.

How to get more CIT to multiply your wealth.

There is no shortage of innovation in the blockchain industry,yet innovation comes down to ensuring that users andinvestors have corresponding rights and interests. With a vision ofthe future,it is particularly important that users can earnpredictable returns.

Circulation has a strong value in both technology and futureplanning,

how can you use and own CIT to make money and maximize profits? Hereis the introduction of how CIT increase your wealth! Let us take apeek at how much treasure it can contain!

1. Hold CIT and pledge 300 U worth of CIT to establish a VPNnode (the mortgage threshold will be increased as the projectdevelops), and say there are 20 users using the service, the annualreturn on investment is (annual income-cost)/(cost) is 500%, pledgecomes in and out anytime.

2. On the basis of becoming a node, the HOP-CIT mining pool providesa comprehensive mining model of user traffic + pledge mining, with anannualized rate of return between 15 and 80% (it fluctuates due tousers scale, traffic sum, and pledge amount, etc.).

3. Participants in the private sales round (two rounds in total) willget CIT1, and Only investors who hold CIT1 can enjoy the yieldfarming 24 hours in advance for the DeFi ecosystem, an additional 10times Mining hashrate for rewards token---HiFi (applicable to allfarming pools).

After seeing the above simple process, I believe, you can figure outthat CIT is a dual attribute of application and financialcertification, it has enough space for future appreciation. In thepractical application of the ecological environment, CIT's actual useis widespread. CIT's circulation rate will increase with thecontinuously increase need for the use of the application, the CITwill be in short supply, as its value will naturally rise.

Because CIT has a huge demand for anonymous, decentralized, and fullyencrypted VPN applications, it can consume a large amount of CIT onthe application side. At the same time, combined with the DeFiecosystem to provide inclusive financial services, the entire CITecosystem has formed a closed loop without generating unnecessarybubbles.

The emergence of Circulation has changed the current situationof creative demand in the existing blockchain industry. And we canthink that, in the future, an artist in the UK is communicating withcopyright dealers in Japan using Circulation via a distributednetwork. British artists are licensing their masterpieces tocopyright companies in Japan at agreed prices, which will betransmitted as a non-tamperable and privacy-protected way in thechain. In the future, the price of the representative's work can alsobe traded through CIT.

So, we areabout to be baptized with a new generation of technology,

and we are fortunate enough to foresee CIT and witness the birth of ablock with eternal value!