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Analysis of the currency market in September

By S.H.Zhou (senior analyst of Currency Marketing)

In the whole year trend, the market in September was extremely active. It was a long-span market that BTC reached a high of $12450 while its lowest level was maintained at $8500. And the profit range was also a big gain. This month onward,  BTC have entered 51 times in the markets, profited 44 orders, with an accuracy rate of 86%, and an overall profit of 8,479 points.

Analysis of the currency market in September

The trend of ETH in September is similar to BTC. ETH reached $488 while its lowest level was $309. ETH entered 53 markets in September, profited 42 orders, with an accuracy rate of 79%, and an overall profit of 657 points

While the hot spot of market recently is the halving of the mining currency market, which is a time to seize the rise of mining currency. Many currencies have seen significant increases, such as BTC, BCH, BSV, ETC, DASH, etc. As this hot spot continues, it will affect the rotation effect. It is believed that funds in the market will be deployed in the newest mining coins that have not yet started, such as some new mining coins like AXE, ARRR, BEAM, DTG, SERO, QWC, MOG, IOTE, ZEC and XRD, etc.

According to the market reaction of the previous BTC halving, the currency halving most directly affects the output of the currency. Assuming that the demand remains unchanged, the currency price will naturally rise. Basically, the price of BTC doubled up to three times a year before the halving occurred, and the fluctuations dynamically matched the expected amount of funds to meet the rising market. There will be the possibility of launching the big market at the end of 2020.

Based on the current actual situation, we can see the market trend, and the currency price and computing power will both rise in the near future.

From historical data, every halving has stimulated the price of Bitcoin to rise. Reduced output, rising costs, and in accordance with historical trends, BTC halving has become the biggest speculation hotspot in the market.

There will be big ups and downs of the market soon, and the increase in the amount of funds is expected to be much higher than four years ago. Due to the popularity and popularity of BTC is at its peak today, this clear direction will make people more aware of the cryptocurrency and the trend of healthy development and daily growth.

For ordinary investors, the next opportunity for growth will be more in the new undervalued coins; such as AXE, DTG, SERO, XRD, etc. I am optimistic about the DTG cloud computing power mining machine mechanism, with small investment and continuous fluctuations. You can invest reasonably according to your own investment risk tolerance.