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Heavyweight丨Charity blockchain Blockchain +Charity: Trust and Link the Future

Charities and non-profitorganizations play an important role in human society. With thedevelopment of Internet technology, the scale and radiation range ofpublic welfare has been unprecedentedly enlarged, and the publicwelfare scandals that followed have followed, constantly challengingpublic welfare. The social credibility of charity. If public welfareand charity organizations want to continue to develop, the guaranteeof credibility is indispensable.

Heavyweight丨Charity blockchain Blockchain +Charity: Trust and Link the Future

The blockchain technology to solve the "trust problem" isaccompanied by a wave of financial investment, which also points outa clear path for the development of charity. As the blockchain bringsmore and more influences to the charity community, under suchconditions, charity and the blockchain economy have come together,and a new model of mutual help and support has been derived.

Charity blockchain is a distributed public charity application publicchain based on the architecture of blockchain technology. It iscommitted to building a blockchain ecological platform that providessupport and services for diversified public welfare and commercialapplications such as on-chain public welfare, charity socialnetworking, and circulation payments. . With a decentralizedstructure, it directly organically links the constituent molecules ofthe entire ecological chain to realize the direct connection,lossless circulation and safe storage of individual values.

Heavyweight丨Charity blockchain Blockchain +Charity: Trust and Link the Future

As the key to the Charity blockchain, CBC will become the only valuetoken with universal consensus in the new order public welfareecosystem.

Charity blockchain is a blockchain created to promote public welfareundertakings. It was built by the International Charity Foundationand launched in many countries around the world to create a moreopen, transparent, reasonable and trustworthy charity platform on aglobal scale.

The advantages of Charity blockchain are as follows:

1. Reduce transaction costs

Transactions on the blockchain can be done point-to-point. You candirectly donate Qian Juan to a designated person or institutionwithout changing hands to multiple banks or institutions, which willeffectively reduce transaction costs.

2. Increase transparency

Blockchain technology can make the donation process more transparent.Every donation will be directly recorded in the distributed ledgerdatabase. The record is open, transparent, queryable andnon-tamperable. Of course, you can also trace the whereabouts ofdonations through the ledger.

3. Enhancing trust

Blockchain technology can enable people to quickly establish trustrelationships and eliminate the need for donors for thirdparties.This means that the 2.0 version of charities and non-profitorganizations will no longer rely on other institutions, such asbanks, lawyers, and government entities. mechanism.

In addition, Charity blockchain can break information islands,realize data resource sharing, and improve the efficiency of publicwelfare undertakings.

Charity blockchain is an open platform that provides functions suchas the initiation, management, traceability, supervision, andpublicity of charity projects. The platform uses virtual assets asthe circulation medium. Every charitable organization can initiateprojects and set up virtual asset acceptors on the platform aftercompleting enterprise (unit) certification. Donors can purchase orobtain virtual assets in other ways, donate to charitable projects,and check the progress of the project at any time. The donor canreceive the donated virtual assets on the platform and exchange theassets at the asset acceptor.

Heavyweight丨Charity blockchain Blockchain +Charity: Trust and Link the Future

Charity blockchain will cooperate with hundreds of charities aroundthe world, and 50% of node revenue will be donated to non-profitorganizations. Charity blockchain will accept CBC as the donationcurrency and recommend CBC to its charity network to donate tomillions of users. At the same time, every quarter, it cooperateswith a charity to promote CBC. The first phase of the cooperation isthe Lupus Foundation, the largest in the United States dedicated tohelping children with rare diseases. Subsequent CBC blockchaintechnology will be used to improve the transparency of charityfundraising and achieve privacy certification.

At present, our Charity blockchain has designed the entire system ofthe public charity service platform, and organizations or companieswith related needs can contact us. We hope to build a nationalcharitable donation service platform, where all charitableorganizations can publish projects on the platform, attractparticipants to donate money and materials, and expand China'scharity. All caring people can register users on the platform,participate in charity projects, supervise the progress of charityprojects, and trace the processing of each donation.

With the help of technology, let us make charity popular and spreadlove to the world.