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USDG: The on-chain revenue protocol token

USDG: The on-chain revenue protocol token

USDGis the on-chain revenue protocol token of CryptoDAO Hedge Fund. Allusers deposit USDT in USDG Finance, will automatically mint the sameamount of USDG and invest in CryptoDAO Hedge Fund to obtain income.CryptoDAO Hedge Fund is a project of Goliath Limited registered inthe Republic of Seychelles. It is a recently emerging distributedorganization focusing on quantitative trading and DeFi research. Thecore members are top industry professionals and professionaltraditional VCs with first-hand resources in the industry and yearsof risk control experience.

Thetoken smart contract address:


Basicattributes of USDG:

1.Ethereum ERC20 standard protocol token;

2.1 USDG = 1 USDT;

3.Each USDG has 100% USDT reserve;

4.USDG can distribute the income of CryptoDAO Hedge Fund.


Sincethe advent of Bitcoin in the financial tsunami in 2008,cryptocurrencies have become more and more well-known around theworld. Many people want to invest but suffer from insufficientknowledge of the blockchain and cannot fully understand the entireinvestment process. Therefore, the CryptoDAO Hedge Fund was launchedbased on the encrypted financial ecology of Ethereum. The issuance ofthe on-chain revenue protocol token USDG, combines the flexibility ofDeFi and the ease of use of USDT, which greatly reduces the thresholdfor novices to enter DeFi decentralized finance, and eliminatescomplicated steps and handling fees. You don't need to invest in theDeFi market yourself to get much competitive income.

Existingmarket pain points

  • Blockchain application process is difficult to understand. It requires multiple technical principles and cannot be quickly learned in a short time. For the general public, it is not easy to understand.

  • Barriers to entry of a variety of blockchain derivative financial products are too high. It is only high-yield but difficult for general people to participate.

  • Air projects are flooded and many teams cannot focus on innovative solutions.


CryptoDAOHedge Fund will create a crypto financial ecosystem that features:

  • Integrate all DeFi products and important functions on the market, and drive users with zero barriers to entry into DeFi.

  • Organization benefits are shared with all participants to achieve the highest overall value.

  • Establish a decentralized organization and promote transparency and collaboration overall operations.


CryptoDAOHedge Fund combines AI(artificial intelligence), big data, blockchainand other front-end technologies with quantitative research.Committed to creating a smart encrypted financial serviceapplication, through the deployment of assets to multiple DeFiprotocols (Yearn.finance, Curve, mStable, Cream) to obtain revenue.The elite team develops a smart strategy transfer mechanism to moveassets into and out of different liquidity pools to diversify andreduce smart contracts and systemic risks, and provide the bestbenefits for CryptoDAO Hedge Fund supporters.


USDGis a decentralized agreement. All users who hold USDG can participatein the governance of CryptoDAO Hedge Fund. USDG can be used tocontrol the voting of key decisions, including modification ofincome, reward duration, and it can also be used as a derivativetrading on the secondary market.


Untilinfrastructure development is completed, USDG will also launch DeFiapplications to create a fully decentralized encrypted financialecosystem, optimize the user experience on a large scale, and will belaunched on major exchanges to provide the best liquidity andmultiple landing application scenarios.

Learn more:

USDGofficial website: goliath.capital