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Therising stars of the currency market - DTG

ByBillBi, an expert in the cryptoindustry

Chris Snook (thefounder of the WorldDigital Token Economic Forum): "With the rapid development ofthe global digital economy, the block chain is now attractingworldwide attention, and thesame for the digitaleconomy-the system for designing pricing policies for digital tokens.I firmly believe that the block chain will become an importantdriving force for the traditional standard market economy totransform into a "digital economy."

Therising stars of the currency market - DTG

At the beginning of 2020, thecovid-19 hasswept the world, theglobal financial and economic market is undergoing a systematicevolution. Human society has been closely linked by the Internet asnever before, and it has also intensified the ecology of variousindustries and accelerated the digital transformation to meet the newecology of the global market.

Traditional investment models arefacing a major transformation. In the changing trend of new financialinvestments, the only constant is investors’ demand for return oninvestment.

DTG, which originated from Dutchhigh-tech, can be regarded as unexpected winner in 2020. It not onlybuilds a new digital economy system, but also builds a financialinvestment way-thecloud computing power mining machine investment mechanism, which haswon the favour and support of huge investors.

DTG was initiated by the EuropeanDutch financial technology institutions and the top encryptiontechnicians in the block chain industry. It is a digital assetexchange platform created by a decentralized autonomous organization.The ultimate vision of the future is to create a new ecosystem ofopen, shared, consensus-based and highly encrypted digitalconnectivity economy for users.

First of all, the total issuanceof DTG tokens is 100 million, inwhich 10 millionis for DPoS mining,and the halving cycle is expected to be one year.Technologydevelopment accounts for 10 million and will bereleasedin 10years.Community operations account for 5 million, andwill be releasedat the end of each quarter. 60 millionisfor hashrate mining.When the output ofhashrate mining reaches 50 million, the hashrate mining sales willstop.Theremaining 10 millionisused for the income distribution of existing mining machines.And 8 million DTGswere destroyed from technology development and 4 million DTGswere destroyed from community operations. Making the overall DTGtotal less, so that the number of controlled issuances is graduallyreduced, and the mining output is decreasing year by year!

In the future, with the increasingnumber of DTG holders, periodic destruction mechanism will beimplemented at all stages of deployment in the future, which willpromote benign deflation within the ECOLOGY of DTG platform, andfurther promote the gradual scarcity of MARKET share. With theincreasing demand of market circulation, the value of DTG willnaturally soar.

Since the launch of TrillionExdigital asset trading platform, the price of DTG tokens has alsorisen steadily. Focusing on the recent 60-day performance, its growthrate continues to rise. In addition to its outstanding onlineperformance, DTG offline marketing will also in full swing.

Theecosystem continues to improve, and the number of users is rapidlyexpanding. For new investors, it is indeed a good time to invest.

In order to bring better and morestable income to users, DTG has launched a cloud computing powermining machine mechanism to allow its users to expand their incomeindependently. DTG cloud computing power mining investment gate islow biology, andhigh investmentefficiency, and the height of frugality is determined by users.

As a flexible and efficient miningsolution, cloud computing mining mechanism will gradually become themainstream of the market. This has clearly realizes the real linkbetween digital assets and business scenarios.

Will the valueof DTG continue to increase?

Based on thegood outlook, it means that DTG will rise. The point is that the factthat both relative and absolute prices are low means that once thereis a significant positive catalyst there will be a significantincrease in prices.

Let us wait and see in November!