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InternationalCharity Foundation is actively deploying blockchain technology

Whatbest reflects the essence of American culture is not Hollywoodblockbusters or McDonald's fast food, but a strong donation culture.In New York or other large cities where wealth is concentrated,various charity fundraising dinners are held almost every day. Thegathering of corporate executives and celebrities is an importantpart of urban social nightlife. For example, the Robin HoodFoundation fundraising dinner, founded by Hollywood celebrities onWall Street, can raise nearly $100 million in one night, which isvery efficient. In the suburbs and rural areas, various charityfundraising activities are also important venues for communitygatherings, where people serve as volunteers, donors or participants.

InternationalCharity Foundation is actively deploying blockchain technology

TheEnglish name of CBC International Charity Foundation is"International Charity Foundation". It is a well-knownnon-governmental non-profit charity organization. It is headquarteredin New York and has 12 offices in the United States, China, theUnited Kingdom, and Mexico. It has more than 600 full-time staff .The main areas of work include charity, climate and energy, humanhealth, ecological protection, oceans, etc. Since its establishment,the International Charity Foundation has always followed theprinciples of innovation, equality and efficiency, and has alwaysprovided solutions to the most urgent charity problems through thecomprehensive use of scientific, legal and economic means.

InternationalCharity Foundation International Charity Foundation is aninternational foundation specializing in charity and public welfare.It is a non-profit organization with independent legal personality.The foundation is based on "take from the people, use it for thepeople, and benefit mankind" The principle is to raise fundsextensively. And use it to reward units and individuals that havemade outstanding contributions to charity work, fund charity-relatedactivities and projects, promote exchanges and work in the field ofcharity and public welfare at home and abroad, and promote thedevelopment of public welfare undertakings.

InternationalCharity Foundation is actively deploying blockchain technology

TheInternational Charity Foundation, a non-profit charity in New York,is active in central and southern America, providing variousanti-deforestation assistance through blockchain technology. OnSeptember 4th, the foundation asked the blockchain community forhelp, asking them to lend a hand to the Brazilian rain forestdisaster.

ToInternationalCharity Foundation is actively deploying blockchain technology

SincePosonaro’s election in January, deforestation in the BrazilianAmazon rainforest has increased by 75%, and the number of rainforestfires has doubled compared with the same period last year. As theguardians of the rainforest, animals and local residents, we areworking with the Charity blockchain to create an alliance ofcryptocurrency sponsors, donors and media partners to rescue therainforest.

BasonYeo, the head of the International Charity Foundation, said:Blockchain technology can promote the inclusiveness of finance andpromote social fairness and justice, and CBC hopes to create a modelfor blockchain applications and use "technology as trust"as a charity cause. Credit enhancement.

Atpresent, with the advancement of technology and the landing of morecharity applications on CBC, the integration of charity andblockchain technology will be closer, which will not only help tobuild a transparent institutionalization, standardization, and changeof the charity industry The ecology and form of public welfare aremore conducive to stimulating the enthusiasm of donors and promotingthe sustainable and healthy development of public welfare charities.Maintaining the sanctity of charity and allowing people to regaintheir trust in the charity industry will be a major breakthrough inthe field of charity.