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CBCCharity Chain warms the world and has reached strategic cooperationwith many charity organizations!

Accordingto the blockchain finance report, on July 1, 2020, Charityblockchain, CBC Charity Chain was invited by the Asian CharityOrganization to accept an interview, and demonstrated the donationprocess through the system, and reached strategic cooperation with anumber of charity organizations. This marks the official landing ofblockchain public welfare in the entity.

CBCCharity Chain warms the world and has reached strategic cooperationwith many charity organizations!

Thistime, the Asian charity organization conducted an exclusive interviewwith CBC from a technical point of view, and many representatives ofdomestic charity organizations appeared in it. Wanjia Crowdfunding,Jingyun Finance, and representatives of many charity organizationsand caring people attended the event.

"Charityblockchain, CBC is the world's first decentralized, traceable charityecosystem with charity, charity fundraising and charity organizationcultivation as the core created by the international charityfoundation using blockchain technology, and is committed to creatinga simple and transparent A clear environment contributes to the rapidand healthy development of social welfare."

Thescale of CBC project prospects-charity and public welfare businessformat and market share. The motivation and purpose of industrialupgrading stems from profit-seeking. The “non-profit” nature ofthe philanthropy industry has made it relatively less beneficial inthe ever-changing technological iterations and slow industrialupgrading. Just like the beginning of the 20th century, the famousInternet technology overturned major traditional industries, and theera of Internet technology for the charity industry is indeed longoverdue. Taking donations as an example, it took a long time toupgrade the public welfare format online. Until 2018, the totalamount of donations mobilized by third-party online platforms onlyaccounted for 1.11% of my country's total social donations that year.However, the scale of the charity industry belongs to a market of 100billion yuan. According to the Charity Development Report of theChinese Academy of Social Sciences, the amount of social donations in2019 is approximately 134.6 billion yuan. The sporadic online capitalflow of the public welfare industry is contrary to the vast marketvolume and needs to be fully explored by blockchain technology.

CBCCharity Chain warms the world and has reached strategic cooperationwith many charity organizations!

CBC'sbusiness logic-inclusive public welfare. There are more than 67.2million registered real-name volunteers in Asia. At the same time,flexible small-amount community funding is becoming an important wayto use charitable funds. The application layer of CBC's four majortechnical modules provides a "community website" forinformation exchange between volunteers and recipients. This smartcontract can realize donation applications, public welfarecrowdfunding, one-to-one donations, community elections and otheractivities. In the "block explorer", the flow and progressof the withdrawal can be traced. CBC reduces the cost ofparticipation in public welfare undertakings, thereby increasingpublic participation in public welfare undertakings. In terms of theCBC operation model, the project aims to realize the public'sparticipation in public welfare undertakings with high efficiency andlow cost.

"TheCBC Charity Chain will introduce a charity enterprise alliance modelto provide recipients with online medical resources, item purchasesand monetization channels, and monitor the flow of funds through thesystem, and strive to make all the donations clear and traceable."

Thecharity enterprise alliance model shares consultations after enteringthe alliance enterprise data, and at the same time has privacyprotection. CBC is a permissioned blockchain model. Only trustedparticipants can access the platform to ensure that some uncertainnodes without credit protection cannot log in.

CBCCharity Chain warms the world and has reached strategic cooperationwith many charity organizations!

Judgingfrom the white paper released by the CBC team, CBC's smart contractmodel of excluding third parties is derived from the blockchainbasics of "point-to-point distributed accounting". TheToken mechanism derived from this chain serves as the carrier ofcapital flow on the blockchain. The access to the CBC network anddata is realized through a code and logical virtual layer running onthe block nodes. This layer provides a unified Restful API foraccess. This layer includes smart contracts, consensus algorithms,side chain services and based on this SDK provided.

Integratingthe business logic and credit endorsement assessment of the projectcan set the basic tone of the project: in the public welfareindustry, a blockchain application platform that realizes thecirculation, traceability, and allocation of donations, charitablematerials, and allocation. Combining the current application ofblockchain technology and the status quo of my country's charitydevelopment, the birth of the CBC charity chain will surely enhancethe pace of the iterative and backward development of the charityindustry during the Internet technology revolution. Through thecombination of blockchain technology and public welfare undertakings,CBC can stimulate the market size of hundreds of billions of dollarswhile feeding back the society.