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 Charityblockchain public welfare program officially launched

Weare not unfamiliar with the term public welfare. In today's society,both individuals and enterprises actively support the development ofsocial welfare undertakings. As we all know, what ordinary peopleworry most when doing public welfare is the occurrence of variousnegative events. The Guo Meimei incident a few years ago and therecent concern about the misappropriation of donations from theChunlei Project are prohibitive. Even if you have a love, you willworry about whether it can be "used on the blade."

TheCBC chain public welfare program was born for this purpose. The planaims to create a transparent public welfare infrastructure in thefuture through blockchain technology and solve the problem of publicwelfare trust.

 Charityblockchain public welfare program officially launched

At3:25 pm on September 17, a message with only 10 words plus ascreenshot of the successful payment system was sent to the publicwelfare project group on the CBC chain. The first automaticdisbursement of the public welfare program on the CBC chain wassuccessful in the new future high school student project. This isalso the first automatic disbursement in the public welfare industrybased on blockchain technology. Blockchain and public welfare seem tobe irrelevant on the surface The words are also quietly combinedtogether.

Itis understood that the first beneficiary of automatic block chainpayment is a high school student from Sichuan. This bursary took lessthan one day from the initiation of payment by the public welfareinstitution, the financial review to the completion of the student'sreceipt. Based on the system's capabilities, the whole process canreach the minute level at the fastest from the institution uploadingthe information to the beneficiary receiving it.

Asthe first online project of the on-chain charity program, the currentbeneficiaries of New Future High School students are distributed in17 provinces in Asia. Previously, the funding of the project neededto be transferred from the foundation finance to the local educationdepartment, and then transferred from the local education departmentto the corresponding project school. The project school would thentransfer the financial aid to the beneficiary students through theproject teacher. The whole process was at least It takes 1 month.

Basedon the automatic payment system, the foundation will import thebeneficiary list into the system after the financial review, and thebeneficiary students will use Alipay to confirm their identity byswiping their faces and signing online to complete the application.The system will automatically retrieve the smart contract stored onthe blockchain , The funds are issued directly to the beneficiary’saccount, without the need for multiple rotations. The relevantinformation is recorded on the blockchain at the same time and cannotbe tampered with.

Atthe CBC Public Welfare Week Forum held on September 5, 2020, the CBCChain Public Welfare Program was officially released. This is an openplatform with blockchain technology as the bottom layer. It aims toprovide an open and transparent platform for public welfareorganizations and public welfare projects. Systematic solutions arefree and open to public welfare organizations.

Thehead of public welfare on the CBC chain said that it is expected thatby the end of 2021, more than 200 million fund-raising funds on theCBC public welfare platform will be put on the chain. In the next twoto three years, CBC will also promote all public welfare projects onthe platform to be chained.

 Charityblockchain public welfare program officially launched

"CBCChain Public Welfare Program" can realize various functions suchas donation can be chained, process can be recorded, information canbe traced, feedback can be reached, and multi-end can participate.More importantly, this system will be free and open to public welfareorganizations. Even if the public welfare organization does not havetechnical talents, it can make public welfare projects easy to chainbased on this system. In the future, the system will gradually openup to other social welfare organizations, audit institutions andother related roles, so as to truly realize the transparency andopenness of public welfare, the participation of everyone, and jointsupervision.

Thecharity projects on the CBC charity platform have several distinctivefeatures, such as variety, high complexity, and large volume ofdonations. The charity projects that have been settled in includefundraising, material fundraising, voluntary services, etc., whichare difficult to manage using traditional methods . The blockchainhas the characteristics of decentralization, high transparency, andnon-tamperable information, which can be said to perfectly meet theneeds of the public welfare field.

Theperson in charge of the "CBC Chain Public Welfare Program"said: "Behind every donation is the trust of the participants inthe platform. It is our responsibility and mission to ensure opennessand transparency and live up to every trust." I believe on theCBC chain. The charity plan will live up to its mission and create abetter charity environment for us. From this we can also imagine thatthe application of blockchain technology in various fields in thefuture will surely bring more surprises.