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MTC 2.0 Ecosystem Launch. M Token Debut Listing on ZB Exchange

In April 2019, with the popularization of blockchain commercial applications, MTC 1.0 version dedicated to solving the core pain points of large-scale traffic commercial applications was released. MTC 1.0 adopts cross-chain parachain paradigm management, compatible with IPFS, cloud computing architecture and ENGINE. The emergence of MTC 1.0, at the current stage when the blockchain technology is not yet mature, perfectly solves the problems of poor database load, slow calculation and processing speed, and large operating traffic, providing a long-term stable and efficient construction environment for the development of technology.

One year later, MTC 2.0 was launched. Compared with 1.0, MTC 2.0 pioneered the mergeable intelligent governance architecture ME, which supports the introduction of MTC from the traditional traffic scoring system, while improving the sinking node mechanism of video distribution, accelerating the circulation of video nodes, and adopting the Metcalfe token model for traffic management

MTC 2.0 Ecosystem Launch. M Token Debut Listing on ZB Exchange

If MTC 1.0 is the "dawn of light" for the commercial application of large-scale traffic on the blockchain, then MTC 2.0 has fully opened a new era of commercial "ecological journey".

MTC 2.0 launched the M+ Flow Blue Ocean Business Plan, which aims to promote and cultivate the advantages of “integrated flow management” and “compatibility with centralized and decentralized flow paradigm” through the support of technology and digital tokens. The application of blockchain public chain in commercial high-traffic scenarios. For example: live video, large-scale games, large-scale advertisements, Internet of Things and other high-concurrency and high-traffic scenarios.

In 2020, MTC will fully cooperate with Showlike+ aggregated live broadcast platform. At the same time, Showlike+ aggregated live broadcast platform is also the first eco-applier of M+ business plan, bringing tens of millions of traffic blessings.

MTC 2.0 Ecosystem Launch. M Token Debut Listing on ZB Exchange

Showlike+ live broadcast platform is a social value aggregation platform integrating search, live broadcast, short video, making friends, and O2O. It has made a deep integration of the life scenes of young people. As a new generation of live broadcast platform, Showlike+ hopes to realize the concept of "interaction is value" with the help of M+ business plan, so that user behavior can generate economic benefits.

MTC provides an integrated traffic management solution based on blockchain technology for Showlike+, including digital asset tokenization, private domain traffic pool construction, user behavior guidance rewards, data on-chain, etc., so as to realize the digital reform of enterprises.

In the process of Showlike+ digital reform, Metcalfe Token plays a very important role. Metcalfe Token (abbreviated as M token), is the ecological points of the MTC smart traffic chain. M token is a token issued based on MTC, which is the equity certificate of the MTC community and circulates in the entire ecological environment.

MTC 2.0 Ecosystem Launch. M Token Debut Listing on ZB Exchange

On October 22, 2020, Metcalfe Token was officially launched on the China Currency (ZB) Exchange, opening the deposit and withdrawal business. On October 24, ZB will also open the M/USDT trading pair to speed up the circulation of M tokens. The launch of M coin marks that MTC has once again achieved a gorgeous turn, and further narrows the distance between MTC and the entire blockchain digital asset world.

As a systematic blockchain traffic management platform, MTC will further enrich the ecological construction of MTC and accumulate more data and user value with the implementation of Showlike+. At the same time, it can also attract and expand the addition of more commercial application scenarios, and build a new large-traffic landing application ecosystem.

On October 24, let us join hands with MTC to build, share, and win a new future for the digital world!