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AIChain Thenext digital frontier!

AIChain Foundation, a non-profit organization, registered in Singapore.

Whilethe nature of AI Chain is an artificial intelligence computingplatform driven by blockchain.

AIChain  Thenext digital frontier!

 Whydoes AI Chain help the AI industry? This should start with itscurrent prospects.

Accordingto the Accenture’s research, it shows that artificialintelligence is expected to increase the average profitability ofenterprises by 38% in 2035, and the total investment in it hasexceeded 100 billion US dollars at present. But AI cost is also veryhigh. In fact, 10%-30% of the total AI App cost is the computinghardware. A single AlphaGo system needs $25 million, using 1,920 CPUsand 280 GPUs. Only one AlphaGo game costs $3,000.

AIChain  Thenext digital frontier!

Thereason why AI Chain can give a strong hand to AI industry, because itcan save AI companies up to 70% of their computing costs. So how doesit do that? This involves the three core functions of AI chain:intelligent node, high security and scalability.


Differentmining nodes will compete fiercely, which can be processed bymillions of intelligent nodes in AI Chain efficiently.


 Atpresent, AI processing is affected by security threats and dataleakage easily.AI Chain provides a safe and insulated environment,storing data and artificial intelligence models. All AI Chaindata are encrypted, and every node is hidden. AI Chain makes thedata become more valuable. AI chain will identify the dataownership and allow people to buy and sell usage rights, thuscreating a huge data market. Combined with the correct incentivemechanism, it provides sufficient reasons for data providers to sharedata and creates network effect.more people sharing data, it will nolonger be the bottleneck of AI industry.


AIChain is optimize AI processors with chip manufacturers. Furthermore,the computational neural network nodes of AI Chain are dynamic thatadjusted according to the computing requirements.

 Atpresent, AI Chain foundation is setting up an artificial intelligenceand blockchain laboratory in silicon valley to focus on cutting-edgetechnology research. It can help AI Chain achieve breakthroughs inthese three technologies:

TheFirst is the architecture, the neural network is trainedsimultaneously on a large scale.

Thesecond is the deep learning algorithm, that is, efficient deeplearning of communication in distributed data network.

Thethird is the save, strengthen learning to reduce energy consumptionacross AI chain networks.

Inthe whole AI ecosystem, AI enterprises are an important part of it,and more AI enterprises are involved in more valuable AI Chain.

 AIcompanies buy AI chains from exchanges and then pay computing powerto AI chains; they can also use AI chains to buy data, models, andalgorithms.

 Investorscan trade on AI Chain, forming a closed-loop business model.

 Soto speak, AI Chain can benefit all parties from the platform.

 Forminers, they use tokens to mine.

 Forenterprises, they can save up to 70% of AI processing.

 Fordata owners, data trainers and providers use smart contracts toseparate business and data, so the data value is protected. Dataowners can sell their data and secure data usage rights, and monetizethe value of the created data, which provide new revenue for dataowners.

 Forfuture development direction of AI Chain foundation, it announced theproject development roadmap.

 Theproject started in October 2020, and the AI Chain Foundation willestablish a global community within 2 months.

 Inthe fourth quarter of this year, the Foundation plans to conductinternal tests on AI Chain; And it has 100,000 users communitydevelopment in 100 countries around the world.

 Inthe first quarter of 2021, the Foundation plans to conduct Alphatesting and exploration.

AIChain  Thenext digital frontier!

 Bythe second quarter of 2021, the Foundation plans to achieve thegrowth of 500,000 user communities in 100 countries around the world.In addition to Beta testing, it also invested in 10 AI companies withhigh-quality, and over 100 AI companies will run on AI Chain.

"Webelieve AI will change the world, and AI Chain will help AI industrybecome stronger.”

AIChain  Thenext digital frontier!