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DTG's cloud miner online marketing breaks through in October, inspires DTG Financial digital transformation upgrade

September 2020onward, the DTG Management team have promote DTG cloud miningactivities, and set up an online marketing team to promote DTG'sproducts. This made an open and convenient Internet network, givingthe market a serial understanding of DTG.

DTG's cloud miner online marketing breaks through in October, inspires DTG Financial digital transformation upgrade

The recent secondwave of the epidemic in Malaysia has had a tremendous impact on themarket, but the demand for online marketing has been growing, andwith it, a huge sales opportunity, and with the implementation of theCMCO limited action period, the online marketing performance of CloudComputing has begun to grow.

DTG Managementteam realised that the epidemic crisis was indeed an opportunity totransform its business, from 6th October, when the numberof confirmed cases of the epidemic began to rise, to 15thOctober, when the government implemented the regulatory action, to17th till 24th October, when the number ofconfirmed cases soared, DTG From 1st October to date, theonline marketing department has driven online participants toinitiate mining, from starting five miners in the first week ofOctober, to more than 50 miners per week.

From the currentpoint of view, although it is not yet known when the recovery phaseof the epidemic, specific predictions, as many investors are used toonline marketing will be the focus in the future. It is also beenproved that DTG's cloud mining mechanism will never slow down due tothe epidemic, as the amount of coins mined is only increasing day byday and sales are showing significant growth.

The DTG teamsummarized its thoughts on online sales during October, and willapply new marketing plan to help companies face the epidemicsituation, allowing partners to market more efficiently acrossmultiple channels and helping companies achieve a broader digitaldevelopment path for online marketing.

DTG's cloud miner online marketing breaks through in October, inspires DTG Financial digital transformation upgrade

DTGhas evolved from a marketing platform to a comprehensive financialservices platform.

In recent years,investment banking platforms have been exploring the transformationof digitalization, online marketing and online customer service.Nowadays, it is no longer accurate to use the term "internettransformation", but rather "financial digitaltransformation".

DTG will embarkon the digital transformation of finance, evolving from a marketingplatform - into a comprehensive financial services platform, firstlystrengthening the connectivity between the company and its clients,and constructing an interactive mode of thinking from clients tousers, which is the core mind-set change of financial digitalization,meaning that before users become clients, they can obtain detailedinvestment steps and knowledge through the DTG online platform, suchas. DTG Pass Investment Knowledge, Wealth Management Awareness, CloudComputing Power Miner Income Model, Simulated ComprehensivePortfolio, Digital Economy Awareness, etc., connect with usersthrough the front-end service platform to nurture potential customersand also enhance the sense of belonging of the customers.

In the era ofintegrated wealth management services in the future, long-termrelationship with users will be of high importance, otherwise thecompany will gradually become a pure product provider and lose theinteraction and control over users. The service platform will be ableto analyse the wealth management needs of users based on its fullunderstanding and control of users, and it will be able to introducemore products and services to DTG users through cross-domaincooperation.

After theintroduction of DTG's online comprehensive wealth management serviceplatform, in future, customers will be able to realize perfectinvestment value appreciation within the platform system and set upautonomy to recommend friends around and derive more income,otherwise, customers will be dragged in by all means and eventuallylose value extension after completing an investment, so the existencevalue of the service platform will be meaningless.

Digital WealthService Capability: It is the ultimate goal of DTG High-Tech thatdigitalization is the core foundation of future services, followed bywealth management as the company's development. But does not affectthe daily operation of mining machines, that is, from a variety ofperspectives such as volatility, income expectations, safety, etc.,are to match today's investment price/performance norms.

The digitaltransformation era has just begun, and more and more different formsof investment services are bound to emerge in the future, but DTG,along with the composition of the stock form, will lay a soliddigital foundation and continue to improve before the advent of thedigital era, and in the digital financial environment, innovate anddevelop perfect offline resources, and make precise adjustments toempower the online channels with high quality.