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YFGlucky prize pool 1 million US dollars ETH

YFG,a decentralized token, is an uncle’s convergent deflationaryfinancial management device. Nodes in 18 countries around the worldconduct decentralized evangelism. At the same time, when theconsensus foundation currency price reaches the consensus height of1,000 US dollars, it will be divided into 100 Ten thousand U.S.dollars ETH came out to every holder who holds YFG tokens.

YFGlucky prize pool 1 million US dollars ETH

YFG.finance adopts a deflationary structure to combat the devaluationcaused by inflation and create an excellent storage and stability ofvalue.

TheYFG. finance financial platform supports the payment transaction ofdigital assets and the experience of online and offline computingpower transfer through a layered structure, asset exchange betweenminers and users, and resource control of token rewards. YFG tokensplay a major role in the entire economic system, providing value flowfor the platform to carry out the surrounding ecologicalconstruction, and carrying the entire ecological network and itsvarious value transmission functions.


Thepossibility of YFG

YFG"YFG: BTC in DeFi? ", "YFG Iteration", "YFG:Possibility of Aggregators". The possibility of YFG lies in thepossibility of its founder and community. The founder and thecommunity have been moving forward, iterating step by step accordingto the development needs of DeFi. This iteration itself has variouspossibilities. It is like a razor, shaving all unreasonable thingsand constructing something that may be more convenient. This may beone of the important driving forces in the history of DeFi. Inaddition to stable currency loan aggregation, mining aggregation, andDeFi insurance, YFG may also involve liquidation, leverage, andtransaction aggregation in the future. If it can continue to iteratesteadily (and can withstand various risk and crit attacks), YFG willeventually capture the large-scale value of the DeFi field and becomeone of the most important projects in the DeFi field.


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