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YZZ (Yield Zone.Z): the leader of financial lab.

YieldZone (YZZ) is a DeFi 2.0 platform built by the top technical team inMoscow, Russia. YZZ public chain system will focus on solving theobvious problems of limited business scope and low businessefficiency of the current DeFi ecosystem. YZZ will use a series oftechnical means, such as decentralized Oracle, decentralized randomnode hosting technology, cross chain memory exchange pool, andsubsequent liquidity incentive mining to promote the ecologicaldevelopment and value of YZZ. YZZ is a huge blockchain project. Interms of consensus mechanism, we believe that a single consensusmechanism can not effectively solve the current technical anddevelopment bottlenecks of blockchain. Therefore, we decided tointegrate the advantages of various consensus mechanisms and adoptthe hybrid consensus mechanism of PoW + DPoS + PoC.

Inaddition, the important direction of YZZ is blockchain finance. As weall know, finance has very high requirements for processingefficiency. At present, our test network is under intense testing.After months of testing and technical optimization, the TPSefficiency has increased from 1K in early 2020 to 7K in August 2020.In addition to efficiency, security is the first key to finance. Wewill build perfect security defense mechanism from consensusmechanism, decentralized nodes, intelligent contract optimization,Dao governance and other aspects, for ensure the security of YZZdecentralized financial system.

YZZis a project inspired by many leading projects such as Uniswap,balancer and many yield farming projected to optimize technologies,rules and models. We focus on building a smooth, safety and efficientplatform for DeFi 2.0.

In2020, the global financial system has been seriously impacted by theepidemic, and the economic situation of many countries and regionsare facing collapse crisis, which leads to serious squeeze in thetraditional financial system. Peoples are panic and lose confidencein local financial institutions. They prefer to bear the risk ofdevaluation and hold cash rather than deposit in banks, which furtherleads to the liquidity shortage of traditional financial institutionsthat which are impossible to resume production and fall into avicious circle.

Yieldzone. Z experimental model is dedicated to solve the problem of trustand liquidity exchange between financial institutions and singlepoint. With applying smart contract technology, it is possible torelease liquidity upstream and downstream of the financial system andmake better guarantee for dealing with sub-prime bad debt.


PolarBear is a R&D team from Russia who has been engaged in thefinance and blockchain for many years.What’s more, they has richgroup experience and strong technical strength. They were dedicatedto solve the problem of trust and liquidity exchange betweenfinancial institutions and single point. With applying smart contracttechnology, it is possible to release liquidity upstream anddownstream of the financial system and make better guarantee fordealing with sub-prime bad debt.



JeyWillim was an early software engineer at simility. Simility is ananti-money laundering fraud detection startup acquired by PayPal. Heaudits smart contracts for projects like WABI. He was also an earlyinvestor in many ICOS. Graduated from University College Dublin,majoring in Applied Mathematics and Finance.


Richardhas rich experience in business development, company development,strategic partnership, customer relationship management and productmanagement. Expertise: looking for strategic partnership and M &A; evaluating partnership and acquisition opportunities; diligenceand problem solving, business case development; working with crossfunctional teams, etc. Richard has worked in important departments ofwell-known enterprises such as P & G, popt, foundercollective, under score, VC, etc.


Crowly,a graduate of Boston University, once served as marketing director inthe marketing departments of fuze and acquia. He is an experiencedsales and marketing expert, focusing on achieving sustainable salesgrowth by combining marketing strategy, demand generation, buildingand supporting teams, establishing key performance indicators andensuring discipline implementation. Strong expertise in networksecurity, strategic partnership and sales of B2B software. Strongknowledge base and experience in finance, information technology,operations, public relations, customer support, corporate governanceand talent makes him a comprehensive and balanced business leader.


Andrewis a graduate of Darden School of business at the University ofVirginia and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Williams College.Political science, specializing in international relations andleadership. Strong analytical skills, writing skills and willingnessto learn and challenge. Creative, self-motivated and team player.

Weset up 26 nodes, one letter for each node.

YZZ (Yield Zone.Z): the leader of financial lab.

Thetotal number of YZZ is 28000 and will never be issued. Nobody has YZZ, no private placement. All the people can only buy YZZ on Uniswapor take part in the experiment to get YZZ.

61.8% is used for providing, distributing and Zone.Z rewards.19.2%is used for V2.Smart pool rewards.

9% is used for project party airdrop.4.5% is used for Uniswap V2 initial liquidity.

5.5% is used for Uniswap V1 initial liquidity.

YZZ (Yield Zone.Z): the leader of financial lab. 

About us:


facebook:Jew Willim

twitter:@Yield Zone_Z

Youtube:Yield zone.Z


If you have any questions, please contact theofficial email. barbaallison36@gmail.com