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Murphy creates the upgrade mode of defi to build a business empire of decentralized financial industry chain

This year, the field of profi has attracted much attention and has become one of the hottest concepts in blockchain. After its birth, it has grown continuously, making many blockchain projects actively configure the application of defi.

Defi, namely decentralized finance, is an infrastructure based on blockchain decentralization tools. It mainly runs on digital assets, protocols and DAPP on eth network, aiming toprovide solutions for convenient management of digital funds. As achallenge to the traditional financial system, with its technicalcharacteristics, defi eliminates the intermediaries in thetraditional financial system, thus reducing the high cost of theformer. Meanwhile, it transfers these benefits to users, whichgreatly optimizes the operation mode of the financial system andattracts the participation and recognition of many industry people.

DFI project is in hot demand in 2020

In 2020, many investors in the blockchainindustry will turn their eyes to defi, which attracts market users'pursuit. While holding digital assets, they can also earn interest.The project of defi is undoubtedly one of the best choices. Today,defi has gradually developed into a complete financial ecosystem,which can perform a variety of operations, including payment,borrowing, saving, trading, investment, income, management, hedgingand margin trading, etc.

At present, developers and users arecontinuing to look for new ways to make a truly decentralizedfinancial system easier to achieve. The goal is to integrateexpenditure, investment and lending seamlessly in practice andachieve structural democratization.

Murphy creates the upgrade mode of defi to build a business empire of decentralized financial industry chain

Murphy Murphy created the upgrade mode ofdefi, which has a wide range of applications and landing

Recently, Murphy, a decentralizedfinancial platform based on Delphi, will be launched on November 5.Murphy, a decentralized financial platform, incubates a hundred timesstar community, decentralizes the layout of the whole industry chainof decentralized finance, establishes the most subversive businessoperation mode of defi, and constructs the decentralized agreement ofopen financial system. It has a wide range of applications andlanding in loan, payment, insurance, fund, trust and equityscenarios, and creates the upgrading mode of defi, aiming to make anybusiness in the world People can conduct financial activitiesanytime, anywhere.

Murphy creates the upgrade mode of defi to build a business empire of decentralized financial industry chain

Adhering to the concept of "sharedcreation, innovation and practicality", Murphy fund has built amulti trillion level high-quality platform with top-level investmentbackground, led by Murphy foundation of Canada, led by Canada'sMurphy foundation, responsible for technical optimization by CanadianRFG laboratory, and co invested by Sequoia Fund, Sequoia and Yuanhangcapital. It is reported that 82 countries around the world, includingCanada, Russia, China, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Australia andCambodia, will simultaneously deploy to fully open Murphy's globallayout of ecological landing.

Murphy creates the upgrade mode of defi to build a business empire of decentralized financial industry chain

Murphy is built on the mainstream publicchain eth network to create an all ecological economic system withextreme deflation. MPL is Murphy's equity token, the basis ofplatform operation and maintenance, and the core of the economicmodel of defi. Holding MPL represents Murphy's usufruct. Murphy'sdifi application scenarios include but are not limited to mortgage,loan, flash cash, liquidity mining, income warrants, ecologicaldevelopment, etc.

The side chain and relay chain systemsupported by Murphy realizes the cross chain asset circulation, andestablishes a good technical foundation for the realization of thewhole industry chain financial platform from the bottom. Murphy hasalso designed a unique decentralized financial model in transfer,financial management, currency exchange, lending, mortgage and otheraspects. With an open attitude and programmable way, Murphy haseliminated the shortcomings of lack of trust, lack of transparencyand low transaction efficiency in the financial market in the past,subverted the centralized financial service form and built a newdecentralized financial platform.

Murphy creates the upgrade mode of defi to build a business empire of decentralized financial industry chain

Asa challenge to the traditional financial system, defi has greatlyoptimized the operation mode of the financial system. Just as weexpect from defi, Murphy can help users get rid of many problemsexisting in the existing systems and fields, reduce costs, provideusers with safer and more efficient services, and establish a moresolid, powerful and stable decentralized financial infrastructure,which helps to build the A generation of financial systems. Murphyuses blockchain technology to transform and reshape the digital assettrading platform, but also brings new opportunities for the wideapplication of digital assets in the real economy.

Murphyhas decentralized the financial platform of the whole industrialchain, helping the financial market innovation of various countriesand regions, and promoting the technological transformation of thenew ecology of digital assets. Murphy is committed to serving thefuture "crypto digital economic society" and activatingtrillions of digital assets. In the future, Murphy will work with allinvestors and partners to define the future with new technologies,create wealth through unity, and make everyone become the winner ofthe times. Murphy will move forward with you in the digital future!