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Murphy's decentralized financial platform opens the global ecological application layout!

Murphy,with the layout of the whole industry chain of decentralized finance,incubates the star community with 100 times of currency, establishesthe most subversive business operation mode of defi, and constructsthe decentralized agreement of open financial system. It has a widerange of applications and landing in loan, payment, insurance, fund,trust and equity scenarios. The emergence of the original defiupgrade mode aims to enable anyone in the world to conduct financialactivities anytime, anywhere. Murphy fund adheres to the concept ofshared creation, innovation and practicality, and has built atrillions level high-quality platform with top investment background,led by Murphy foundation of Canada, led by Canada's Murphyfoundation, responsible for technical optimization by Canadian RFGlaboratory, and co invested by Sequoia Fund, Yuanhang capital and topinvestment background.

Murphy is a decentralized financial platform for the whole industrychain, with global deployment and global synchronization. It isreported that 82 countries around the world, including Canada,Russia, China, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Australia and Cambodia,will simultaneously deploy to fully open Murphy's global layout ofecological landing.

Murphy's decentralized financial platform opens the global ecological application layout!

Murphy is built on the mainstream public chain eht network to create an allecological economic system with extreme deflation. MPL is Murphy'sequity token, the basis of platform operation and maintenance, andthe core of the economic model of defi. Holding MPL representsMurphy's usufruct. Murphy's difi application scenarios include butare not limited to mortgage, loan, flash cash, liquidity mining,income warrants, ecological development, etc.

The side chain and relay chain system supported by Murphy realizes thecross chain asset circulation, and establishes a good technicalfoundation for the realization of the whole industry chain financialplatform from the bottom. Murphy also designed a unique decentralizedfinancial model in transfer, financial management, currency exchange,lending, mortgage and other aspects. With an open attitude andprogrammable way, Murphy put an end to the shortcomings of lack oftrust, lack of transparency and low transaction efficiency in thefinancial market in the past, overturned the previous centralizedfinancial service form, and created a new decentralized finance.

Murphy's decentralized financial platform opens the global ecological application layout!

Adelbert,the founder of Murphy fund in Canada, hopes to help the financialmarket innovation of various countries and regions and promote thetechnological transformation of the new ecology of digital assets bybuilding a decentralized whole industry chain financial platform.Murphy is committed to serving the future "crypto digitaleconomic society" and activating trillions of digital assets.Murphy uses blockchain technology to transform and reshape thedigital asset trading platform, but also brings new opportunities forthe wide application of digital currency in the real economy.

Murphy team released a messageon the social platform, "Murphy will work together withinvestors and partners to define the future with new technologies,create wealth through unity, and let everyone become the winners ofthe times. Murphy will move forward with you in the digital future."