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Lucky Number: A Game without Losers

Inthe early stage of design, the designers carefully analyzed theblockchain in the past two years and hoped to develop a product thatwould not damage the user's assets but can obtain high profits andrebuild the people's belief. All greatness needs an opportunity. Asthe upsurge of DEFI is coming, the original fantasy comes true, agame without losers is finally developed, marking the coming out ofLucky Number.

Lucky Number: A Game without Losers

Theworking principle of Lucky Number is that the deposited assets canproduce returns automatically through the pledge of AAVE, Compoundand dYdX. The players sign an intelligent contract, choose a strategywith the highest return to invest and realize high yield that cannotbe obtained on an ordinary platform.

Allplatform profits will be summed up into a huge prize pool, and luckyplayers will be selected by regular lottery without affecting theirassets.

Everyonehas the probability to win the prize in the mining pool withoutdamaging own assets. Therefore, the users will naturally care aboutthe income distribution of the mining pool.

Theincome distribution of Lucky Number mining pool is as follows:

Lucky Number: A Game without Losers


Where,Onelucky user is selected from D pool every 2 days to obtain all theprofits

Lastlottery of M pool is carried out every month, 50% of the pool’sprofits will be rewarded to the lucky users in addition to theprofits of D pool.

Thereward of LN pool will be used for community governance, which canfurther promote the development of Lucky Number and establish alarger ecosystem

Theteam pool is used to reward the developers and encourage moredevelopers to build their own system in Lucky Number and make theecology stronger.


Sohow does a user become the lucky player that take away all therewards from the pool?

First,the user's pledge weight shall be measured. The winning probabilitywill increase along with the increasing number of pledge U and pledgetime. Here we introduce the concepts of pledge weight coefficient andtime weight coefficient.

Scientificalgorithm makes the user's lottery more fair, here we introduce theconcepts of subtraction algorithm and random number algorithm.

Accordingto the algorithm, lucky players will be generated once in a while andtake away most profits from the pools, but the principal of the userswill not be lost, they still can obtain high profits on the premiseof not damaging their assets. As the number of participantsincreases, the profits will become higher and higher. Therefore, therewards in the reward pool will also increase along with theexpanding ecology of Lucky Number.


Optionof Lucky NumberLP

Theoption of Lucky NumberLP is a unique design which can realize earningof LN from premium while ensuring the user's assets. After thecirculation of LN Token, the users bring liquidity to the platform,and the pledge LP can obtain corresponding options at the real-timeprice. When the option is expired, the users has the right toexchange LN at the real-time rate or give up the exchange.

Moreover,Lucky Number has a community sub-mining pool module which can betterdrain and activate the community, help the community to increaseliquidity and further enhance the user stickiness. In return, theparticipation in the community can also expand the ecology of LuckyNumber and realize mutual benefit and common development.

Thecommunity can set up its own sub-mining pool and obtain correspondingprofits. It means that the community can have its own Lucky Numberand use its own token. In the whole process, Lucky Number is onlyresponsible for providing a platform, all operations are completed inthe community, which is not only independent but also closelyconnected, so that both parties obtain benefits.

Comparedwith other products on the market, Lucky Number has many remarkableadvantages:

I.Compared with the same type of products, the whole operation of LuckyNumber is lossless, the users do not have to worry about theirassets;

II.Unique design of reward mining pool, the users can obtain the lotteryqualification through assets pledge, which has high benefits andunrestricted rewards but no risks;

III.The sub-mining pool can attract more communities to expand theecology, which has a very promising future;

IV.After the establishment of LP option, the users can obtain earningsof LN from premium at the real-time price while drawing lottery.Besides,LP option has the function of exchange rate locking, which can avoidthe continuous decline of exchange rate caused by the continuouscasting of token in other Defi mining pools.

Ofcourse, this is only a part of Lucky Number's plan. It is destined tobe a game without losers, while winners can obtain high profits. Atpresent, Lucky Number is still developing continuously, it will makemore explorations, enrich the ecology through business model, enhanceits own value steadily, and not only ensure the safety but alsoincrease the user’s assets, thus making everyone become a bigwinner in life.