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TMX: Global recruiting order officially opened, sharing IPFS 100 billion value dividend

The Internet is in the midst of a revolution, from the blockchain 1.0 digital currency, which solves the decentralization of currency and means of payment, to 2.0 intelligent contract, which realizes the combination of digital currency and intelligent contract.Decentralize to 3.0 to build a credit consensus.Centralized services are being replaced by decentralized open services. The trusted center is replaced by verifiable computation; Fragile location addresses are replaced by elastic content addresses; Inefficient monolithic services have been replaced by the point-to-point algorithm market.

Many attempts have been made in the world of distributed file systems, most of which have failed.

IPFS is the first time to break the barrier between the blockchain world and the physical world. Through space-time proof, it links a large number of high-end servers and hardware resources, and also breaks the internal cycle of the blockchain world.

TMX: Global recruiting order officially opened, sharing IPFS 100 billion value dividend

IPFS is a peer-to-peer distributed file system that attempts to connect all computing devices to the same file system.A combination of distributed hash tables, encouraging block swapping, and a self-validating namespace. IPFS has no single point of failure, and the nodes do not need to trust each other. Distributed content delivery saves bandwidth and protects HTTP schemes from possible DDoS attacks.

Five advantages of IPFS:

Low cost: 60% network broadband savings

High efficiency: P2P network, multiple colleagues read

Security: Perfect against witch attacks, outsourcing attacks, DDOS attacks, etc

Persistence: Multi-node storage away from 404

Privacy: Asymmetric encryption technology, outsiders can not read

Filecoin is the incentive layer on top of IPFS and the combination of IPFS and blockchain. On October 15, 2020, the Filecoin main network was highly activated in 148888, announcing the official launch of the most eye-catching decentralized storage network in the industry.

Filecoin's vision is both more ambitious and clearer than IPFS: IPFS has proven the effectiveness of content addressing by dispersing web pages themselves, providing billions of files for use on a global peer-to-peer network. FileCoin releases isolated island data, the network partition lives, the server can work offline, has censorship resistance, can produce persistent digital information.

However, behind the Filecoin protocol innovation, the Filecoin project still has some regrets in its implementation, which may hinder the further development of this new decentralized storage network

Fil token distribution and release is not friendly to miners. At the beginning of the line, miners had to buy Fil token from the market at a high price to activate the miner, and the release rate of the dug out coin was too different from the pledge rate

Filecoin choice of architecture and technology of the network itself lead to capacity (TPS) to compare the actual chain co., LTD., inefficient TPS and intelligent contract unrealized, brought Filecoin serious problem: unable to support due to chain technology is not mature the actual application, unable to support the actual application will lead to no actual data, and not the actual data, makes the miners can not get effective work force.

As the first step of distributed Internet incentive network based on IPFS protocol, T-Matrix has made many technological improvements and innovations on new hash algorithm, recursive zero-knowledge proof technology, WindowPoST+VRF mechanism, efficient mining software, decentralized governance mechanism, etc.

T-matrix Temmas will provide computational power mining incentives based on IPFS.It not only provides computing services in the FIELD of IPFS, but also continues to work in a number of distributed storage fields, including but not limited to mining machine investment, block chain technology, wallet, information website, node construction and other aspects, to create a perfect ecology based on IPFS.

  • With more than 10 years of experience in distributed storage development, Matrix independently developed a complete set of mine pool system to improve high effective storage and high block rate.With close cooperation with domestic IDC, the mining pool has built its own mines in shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu and other regions, with more than 100,000 mining machines and its own computing power of IPFS mining machines of 30,000 T.

T-matrix Temas Mine pool also provides high-quality technology and information services through the website and APP, enabling global users to conveniently complete IPFS computing transactions and realize one-click participation in IPFS mining.The mine pool aims to break down IPFS cognitive barriers, reduce the participation threshold of early supporters and provide more efficient and reliable services by its own advantages. Make it easy for more users to participate in the business opportunities brought by the innovative economic model of IPFS.

TMX: Global recruiting order officially opened, sharing IPFS 100 billion value dividend

The node recruitment order launched by T-matrix Temas will limit the recruitment of 100 creation nodes in the whole network, with a total of 500,000 TMX.Nodes have many rights and interests, including TMX airdrop activity, Filecoin airdrop priority, T-Matrix mining machine computing power purchase discount right, T-Matrix community mining pool performance incentive rights and so on.The subscription price is currently 1.5USDT/TMX, the community length subscription limit is 500TMX, and the membership subscription limit is 90TMX (50 places).The real value interconnection, the construction of a new computing space, IPFS entity mining, the whole people hold money dividends.

T-matrix aims to create a professional IPFS mine pool with global leading revenue, share the IPFS 100 billion storage market dividend with participants, and lead the IPFS future ecology!