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Becoming a Bridge Between Virtual and Reality: ROS Builds Virtual Digital Identity Credentials

The early morning of October 24, 2020, Beijing time, the famous ROS public chain has successfully provided the power of cloud computing on the whole network and offered rewards simultaneously, which has aroused wide discussion.

Over a long period of time, ROS public chain gathers dozens of top technical experts in the industry, geek communities, financial and Internet talents, anchors the physical assets, provides the certificates on the assets, and generates value through turnover and circulation. At present, it provides blockchain solutions such as one-object-one-code, certificate, data sharing, traceability,  point shopping mall and online trading platform, and more practical applications for continuous output. Adhering to the concept of “the foundation of fully linked business, building a bridge between virtual and real”, ROS equips with CID_AI intelligent algorithm, CID_DNA Avatar virtual personification and CID_MAT physical digital identity, building virtual digital identity and credentials for users entirely.