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ESC Exchange will be the Next Wind Vane?

Therole of technology in driving the transformation and upgrading of thefinancial service industry has become increasingly obvious, and thetrend of financial service model reform led by technologicalinnovation will continue. The emergence of blockchain technology haspointed out a new direction for the current global financialsituation. However, the current application of blockchain in thefinancial industry is not perfect. Technology development andoperation costs are high, and most scenarios cannot support expensivesystem costs.

Theapplication of blockchain in the whole industry cannot be implementedquickly. There are two main reasons: one is that there is no completetechnical support, and the other is that there is no completefinancial flow support. Email Storage Exchange hopes to promote therapid development of the fourth stage of the blockchain from atechnical and financial perspective, and output complete financialand technical solutions, so that blockchain technology can becomesolid, stable, and efficient, and usher in application large-scaleoutbreak.

ESC Exchange will be the Next Wind Vane?

Basedon this purpose and combined with the current status of theblockchain industry, Email Storage Exchange has created acomprehensive financial service platform. It breaks the fragmentationof scenes, high development costs, and low landing efficiency statusquo by integrating the resources of the financial industry and theblockchain industry,

Researchand create a unique model, achieving win-win value blue ocean

EmailStorage Exchange invested a huge amount of money, activated the coretechnical team, and worked hard to create the ESCEX mailboxapplication public chain, promoting the construction of a globaldistributed storage community ecology.

WhileESCEX retains the basic functions of the traditional public chain(payment, identity labeling, and artwork confirmation), it alsoadopts an innovative weighted average algorithm in its income modelsystem, so that everyone can get fair and just income, and avoid ESCbecoming a game of a minority of rich. At the same time, ESC hascreated a new contract model that makes transactions easier and moreconvenient, open and transparent, and has a clear return rate. In therapidly changing financial market, investors only need to hold ESC toconduct efficient and fast investment transactions and seize theopportunity.

ESC Exchange will be the Next Wind Vane?

Implementthe present and look into the future

Inthe future, Email Storage Exchange will be committed to becoming thetop platform in the field of global blockchain digital transactionsand mailbox storage, and promises to give all participants valuespace, to give ESC users the best experience and value-added space.This is the promise of ESC and also the original intention ofESCBZEX.

Inorder to better serve investors, Email Storage Exchange currently has11 highlights in the newly launched version 1.0:

Defiliquidity mining;

Issuanceof stable coins;

Comprehensivesystem upgrade and optimization;

Twinturbo ranking mechanism;

Digitalcurrency mortgage credit system;

Brandnew exchange promotion computing power mechanism;

Brandnew UI and more artistic and intuitive interface;

Real-timenetwork access to enjoy speed and passion;

Brandnew transaction computing power, transaction is mining;

Leasingcomputing power to realize the assetization of computing power;

Richermining pool data display and disclosure of the total computing powerof the entire network.

ESC Exchange will be the Next Wind Vane?

The11 highlights allow users to experience the overall progress fromnetwork speed to transaction, which can release computing power to agreater extent and allow users to rationalize computing powerallocation according to their needs, thereby maximizing benefits. Itis worth noting that Email Storage Exchange is not a pure digitalcurrency trading platform, and other industries connected throughdigital currency are also worth exploring for every user.

Scienceand technology are changing with each passing day. Every newinvention and creation gives us even greater surprises and alsobrings us opportunities to change ourselves. Once Bitcoin is justworth a few cents , it is now nearly 10,000 U.S. dollars, which hasdoubled hundreds of thousands of times. If we can seize thisopportunity, the changes it will bring to us will not only beearth-shaking. The Email Storage Exchange has built a ladder tosuccess for all investors. The Email Storage exchange follows thetrend, closely follows the trend and leads the future!

In2020, Email Storage exchange, ESC will officially meet with thepublic.  Are you ready?