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From ETH To ETHV Blockchain Technology Finally Returns To What It Should Be

The 21st century is the era of Internet information, but also the era of blockchain.

Blockchain technology brings a brand-new joint collaboration model without trust barriers, which makes the collaboration between parties more efficient, and improves the capital efficiency and speed of value circulation.As the earliest application field of blockchain technology, digital currencies represented by BTC (Bitcoin) are widely sought after because of their safety, reliability, and decentralization.

From ETH To ETHV Blockchain Technology Finally Returns To What It Should Be

But at the same time, the single value of the blockchain industry function has no practical application support, which also raises questions from all walks of life about whether digital currency can become a sustainable investment asset.Even in the era of Blockchain 2.0, Turing completeness ETH (Ethereum) has failed to complete the historical mission that blockchain technology should complete. The desire to apply technology to the real economy and transform real life remains in the project white paper...

What is the next step of blockchain?ETHV Ether Rendering  gave me a new understanding and thinking direction on the application of technology.

From ETH To ETHV Blockchain Technology Finally Returns To What It Should Be

ETHV (Ether Rendering) is not a fork chain or side chain of ETH, but a fully automated, decentralized, and 100% transparent decentralized underlying public chain developed and deployed by EtherV Foundation.As a decentralized global edge computing super system, ETHV can be used for various purposes such as website servers and scientific computing, thereby creating a multi-purpose decentralized computing power market.

From ETH To ETHV Blockchain Technology Finally Returns To What It Should Be

Specifically, ETHV (Ether Rendering) has three differentiated advantages:

First of all, ETHV uses lower-cost edge computing technology to replace the expensive cloud computing architecture, avoiding the cost of prepayment for private and dedicated cloud computing.In addition, ETHV is completely decentralized, and no authority can control the distribution of computing resources, which realizes the sustainable operation of the entire ETHV value network.

Secondly, from the introduction of the official website, ETHV has a mixed structure and supports any kind of computing tasks, and there will be no "gas shortage" problem for ETH.From the perspective of technical implementation, ETHV integrates the current mainstream public chain technology advantages and adds a fusion of secondary development, compressing the packaging and confirmation time, and users in the ecosystem can complete data exchange on the chain with only a small amount of gas or no gas.

In addition, all Internet services need to support products based on computing power, including websites, online stores, multiplayer games, companies that require large databases, etc. The emergence of ETHV may give them a new choice.Adolph Smollett, one of the technical leaders of ETHV, mentioned when introducing the project:"ETHV distributes the existing rendering service framework through a token-based system on the Ethereum blockchain, and establishes a model on the ETHV chain to connect users who are performing rendering tasks with people with idle computing power to process rendering work scenes.Users will send rendering tokens to individuals performing rendering tasks, thereby creating a more efficient, powerful, and widely scalable super rendering network. "Using idle computing power to support users who need large-scale computing power and to achieve the optimal use of resources, in my opinion, ETHV will be a boon for developers and data operation and maintenance personnel.

From ETH To ETHV Blockchain Technology Finally Returns To What It Should Be

What is impressive is that ETHV (Ether Rendering) can quickly and effectively complete the physical correction rendering task in a blockchain-based peer-to-peer network. There are no errors or delays in the test, and it has secure and protected property rights. This means that ETHV has fully met the conditions for commercialization and can be used at any time.

Harold Bert, one of the technical leaders of ETHV mentioned in an interview,"At present, ETHV is still fully tapping the potential of the ecosystem that already exists between developers and customers, and transferring it to the on-chain distributed database, so that this blockchain-based rendering network can promote peer-to-peer Based on effective, reliable and profitable time stamp task rendering."

It is worth mentioning that the pass of ETHV is used in the fields of digital assets such as financing, mining machines, exchanges, and security protection, financial fields such as cross-border payment, credit certification, asset securitization, and non-financial fields such as real estate, charity, and cultural tourism. Already in pilot application.It can be seen that ETHV is using blockchain technology to transform society and improve everyone's quality of life.

From ETH To ETHV Blockchain Technology Finally Returns To What It Should Be

From the birth of the blockchain to the present, there are very few people who can truly apply technology to real life, and the innovation of ETHV has given me more expectations for its future."Don't forget why you started because you went too far".In my opinion, technology has always served mankind. Without this true nature, technology is no longer technology, but a hypocritical talk!ETHV has brought blockchain technology back to its original appearance. This is the beginning and will be the general trend in the future!