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Combining big data with blockchain, the European AI Blockchain Governance Protocol Laboratory has Announced the Official Opening of the First Phase of DeFi Liquidity Mining

Since 2012, the word "big data" has been mentioned repeatedly and gradually applied in various ecological fields. The product of big data comes from the data exchange brought by the long-term close communication between people. Through the storage and analysis of these huge data by computer technology, enterprises can often make accurate judgments on consumers, and make effective use of big data in various fields for collaborative development, thus breaking the solid barriers separating industries in the past.

The development and practical application of AI big data has greatly changed the way of human life and production, and has become a driving force for the continuous expansion of economic globalization. Digital technology has driven the economic revolution and produced the digital economy. The digital economy has become a new engine of economic growth in the new era, bringing huge opportunities for transformation to the global economy, improving efficiency, productivity and global competitiveness of enterprises.

It is well known for the outstanding contribution of big data to the human society, but through the big data to steal private information, such as the Internet security problems are bothering people. Large enterprises manipulate the huge databases, which threatens the privacy and security of consumer users. Therefore, security is also an inevitable problem in the development of big data.

The birth of AI blockchain governance protocol, to a great extent, solves this problem.

AI (Artificial Intelligence Data Governance Agreement) is based on the big data blockchain governance, which supports the development of smart contracts with Solidity, privacy protection based on Ring Signatures, and combine Secure Muti-party Computation, Atomic Swaps, Threshold Secret Sharing Mechanism, Distributed Account Management and other cryptography technologies, realizing the totally decentralized Inter-Blockchain solution.

The Storeman node group of AI protocol combines multiple cryptography technologies such as Secure Muti-party Computation, Atomic Swaps, Threshold Secret Sharing Mechanism, Distributed Account Management to achieve a fully decentralized Inter-Blockchain solution.

AI focuses on the research and development of Inter-Blockchain mechanism of big data blockchain governance, and by building a distributed financial infrastructure with Inter-Blockchain capabilities to achieve the grand goal of interconnecting with a large number of chains.


So far, AI has successfully integrated Mobile intelligence, Home Intelligence, Travel intelligence and ecological tokens derived from AI blockchain governance protocol through Inter-Blockchain, and designed and proposed t-Bridge, a general Inter-Blockchain framework. AI will break through the assets on different chains, no matter whether the assets come from the public chain, private chain or consortium blockchain, all can realize the free flow of these assets between different chains through AI.

In terms of consensus mechanism, AI blockchain governance protocol designed and launched a practical POS consensus protocol with a complete delegation mechanism, namely Galaxy Consensus. No matter Inter-Blockchain mechanism or consensus protocol, it has always been in the leading position of blockchain governance.

AI adopts the distributed global office mode and has offices in the United States, China, Europe, Southeast Asia and other places.

What's more, we are pleased to announce that the AI blockchain intelligent protocol will be put into operation on December 4 at 13:59:59 (Berlin time: December 4 at 6:59:59). AI blockchain intelligent protocol, based on big data calculation on the chain, will launch unique DeFi mining reward mode, and combined with the principle of 3R circular economy. It is reported that the European AI blockchain Governance Protocol will take ecologically token MOON of Asproex as the basis of ecological application, and by deploying token on MOON. Moreover, users can mine out MI (Mobile Intelligence) creation rewards through the mechanism of lossless pledge and regular recycling mechanism of MOON, and pledge MOON to obtain a certain amount of MOON rewards. Users can register with the official APP of AI blockchain Intelligent Protocol to participate in the initial mining process, and you can enjoy the MI Creation mining rewards by pledging MOON, which allows for a recurring return through one-off investments.

The AI Blockchain Governance Protocol is globally distributed and adopts the global node model. Node communities are set in the United States, China, Europe, Southeast Asia and other places. All ecological members will jointly create the AI blockchain intelligent protocol and the global ecological sustainable circulation application and common value, forming a global consensus in the future.