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Shenzhou Union——Blockbuster hit hard core development

Shenzhou Union——Blockbuster hit hard core development

2020 can be said to be the first year of the development of the value blockchain industry, with policy support and capital surges. Under stricter supervision, chaos has dropped sharply, and the industry has gradually improved. Each vertical segmentation field has a clear context and a clear direction. Among all segments, the blockchain may become a new round of wealth and technological innovation growth point.


Technology is the only truth that can run through time. CNU International Public Chain is the leader of blockchain public chain 4.0 and shoulders the heavy responsibility of public chain landing. Under the background of new infrastructure, CNU International Public Chain is the only trustworthy public chain. The CNU international public chain is a full structure and industry-wide public chain with the DPOS consensus algorithm as the bottom layer. DPOS avoids a large number of hash operations in the process of POW block generation, which greatly shortens the block time and can achieve higher The network performance is conducive to the landing of DAPP applications. It is more energy-efficient, easy to deploy, and relies on equity to achieve consensus. Compared with the POW mechanism that uses computing power to achieve consensus, it can save a lot of energy consumption and avoid the need for large-scale deployment of mining machines.


It is precisely because of the DPOS mechanism that the CNU international public chain has the high TPS requirements of the public chain, built a convenient tool for application development in the technical field (Turing complete), and realized the TPS under the zero-knowledge proof to reach the million level. CNU International Public Chain has upheld the most basic decentralization spirit of blockchain, and has been striving to solve industry pain points since its inception.


CNU International Public Chain is a public chain project that anchors the decentralization of the blockchain. It is committed to creating a blockchain "Alipay" that can be used by adults. It integrates digital asset security management, wealth management, encrypted social chat, and Dapp ecology. An all-in-one digital asset platform. Based on the in-depth exploration of the digital currency and blockchain industries, we provide users with a secure storage wallet system containing a variety of mainstream digital assets. Blockchain is used as the underlying technology to ensure account safety and reliability. CNU international public chain links all blockchains , Assets are seamlessly connected to manage the new ecosystem of financial services, creating a secure multifunctional asset wallet.

Shenzhou Union——Blockbuster hit hard core development

CNU International Public Chain, a public chain DAPP ecological platform that uses blockchain technology to subvert the economy of the times and drive the development of multiple ecology. Committed to solving the chaos in the blockchain market, spreading a more democratic, fair and transparent decentralized experience, helping many users and investors to make more profits, and establishing a sustainable value-added distributed financial DEFI ecosystem.


In the Internet age, technology is the top priority. CNU international public chain gathers top technical teams from all over the world. After a long time of market exploration and technology research and development, it has achieved five technological breakthroughs:


  1. High-efficiency underlying processing speed adapted to the commercial development of various industries

CNU international public chain has a high-efficiency underlying processing speed, and the current data processing volume per second is as high as 15,000 TPS. With the help of sharding technology, it can reach one million TPS, which is more suitable for commercial system applications in the entire industry.


  1. On-chain data storage performance that effectively prevents node congestion

CNU International Public Chain adopts on-chain data storage and supports common data formats such as JSON, Text, Hex, etc. Each data can reach a maximum of 64M. If it exceeds, it can use off-chain file storage. Nodes can choose whether to subscribe to store the data. To a great extent, prevent node data from bloating.


  1. A diverse consensus mechanism linking multiple digital assets

CNU International Public Chain has a variety of optional consensus confirmation mechanisms, and more than 60 customized blockchain parameters can release digital assets in a flash and quickly develop new DAPPs.


  1. Multiple APIs can be used to develop the entire blockchain ecosystem

In the CNU international public chain system, there are 150 APIs that can adapt to the different needs of different industries on the spot, develop diversified cross-chain wallets, and create a full-ecological digital asset scenario.

Shenzhou Union——Blockbuster hit hard core development

The CNU international public chain uses five major hard-core technologies, which will bring new breakthroughs to the entire blockchain industry and obtain more benefits for investors. Riding on the wealth train of CNU international public chain, set sail together and sail to the other side of success hand in hand.