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Gift of the Times, DeFi HaixinHisen-Globalized digital cash

Science and technology,continuous progress. The transaction storage of money has evolvedfrom physical objects to digital storage step by step. Thetransaction speed has been shortened from the past few days to tenminutes now.

On May 8, 2020, Bitcoin brokethrough the $10,000 mark. At the moment when the author wrote,Bitcoin was worth $19,113.99 (worth 124,800 yuan), with an annual increase of 163.12%. Bitcoin,which is so valuable, lacks the space for landing and only supports 7transactions per second.

Gift of the Times, DeFi HaixinHisen-Globalized digital cash

Facing the complicated digitalcash market, we can't help thinking, in the world of digital assets,why can't we realize the deep re-enactment of the real currencyapplication scenario? No matter where the user is, you can trade withone click and get the account quickly. Based on transparent and opentrading system, it provides a safe, convenient and professionaldigital storage and financial management application platform forglobal digital asset lovers.Gift of the Times, DeFi HaixinHisen-Globalized digital cash

In 2020, Hisen Haixin(hereinafter referred to as Hisen) was wholly-owned and issued bydigital cash No.30 Zcash,a global digital cash of DeFi mode designed for the globalcirculation of digital assets, which is deepening and advancing stepby step on the road of digital asset globalization.

Backed by the capital of 638million yuan of ZEC, Hisen integrates the powerful operation team ofZEC, and its members are mostly from Stanford University. Consultantsinclude Vitalik Buterun, founder of Ethereum, and GavinAndresen, coredeveloper of Bitcoin. It is well-known in the industry, with strongtechnical strength and rich experience in blockchain and Internet.

Hisen, which is developed andbuilt based on DeFi mode, aims at enabling Hisen to realizeinteroperable and programmable combined open protocols, and transformfrom a financial system with closed digital assets to an openfinancial system. Business links, digital cash loans, consumption,etc., all have traces on the basis of DeFi.

In order to realize theapplication of digital asset value, Hisen realizes the associationbetween reality and virtual value through the mechanism of prophecymachine, maps the real value into digital assets, and constructs avalue reference system to realize the digital asset value landing.

With the strong internationalmarket base of ZEC, Hisen has built a global digital asset market,which gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy the dividends of thisworld economic movement.

Gift of the Times, DeFi HaixinHisen-Globalized digital cash

At the same time, as thecharacteristic DeFi sub-platform of ZEC, Hisen has real miningmachine computing power and can be exchanged with ZEC sub-currency.Multi-channel value circulation and strong capital strength supportthe digital assets of Hisen to truly realize globalization, stabilityand security.

In that year, ZEC set a recordof 5941.79 $ with 100 exchanges.

Today, Hisen will continue towrite brilliantly.

Hisen,thisis just the beginning.

Gift of the Times, DeFi HaixinHisen-Globalized digital cash