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SSC creates Alipay in blockchain digital currency

Starry-sky Chain (SSC), a publicly owned property with digital rights, is the main backstop for starry-sky's XPOT, the world's first cryptocurrency. SSC defines the closed loop open channel for digital assets of various innovative products, the use channel for intelligent innovative products, and the convenient realization of value confirmation, exchange, transfer and transaction through block chain to realize the complex business logic in the real world. The star chain adopts multi-dimensional component architecture, including: data component, network component, consensus component, contract component and application component. Data components use chain formatted data structure and distributed ledger technology to realize star value confirmation, transfer, exchange and other business logic.


SSC adopts the way of free registration in the early stage of drainage, and then uses the block chain technology to build a cross-industry and cross-regional Internet (block chain) advertising application platform. Relying on the massive user base, it realizes the promotion and dissemination of the advertising platform, and members get corresponding rewards through the promotion platform. And the advertising revenue of the platform will be used to return the interests of investors and maintain the system operation.

Advertisers can build their side chains on the basis of SSC to form a strong internal circulation business ecology of SSC. Advertising practitioners can publish their creative works on SSC to realize the confirmation, use and rights protection, ownership, paid transfer of use right and other functions of advertising creativity in the star chain system. Through the circulation of SSC token, realize the operation of advertising system.

1.Advertisers publish advertising requirements through SSC, and set the number of rewards that website owners and clients can get for a single participation. Advertisers will be automatically allocated token address after the platform registration, but channels (community, trading platform) to obtain SSC token, used to publish advertising costs.

2.The main website is connected to the SSC system, and the advertising space is set on its own platform. After placing the SSC advertising code, the system will automatically set corresponding advertisements according to the nature and content of the website.

3.When browsing web pages to watch advertisements or participate in advertisements, users can obtain income through the bound SSC account to the corresponding SSC token receiving address. After reaching a certain number, users can withdraw money to participate in trading in the exchange, trade on the internal trading floor, or scan code for any offline business scenes.


SSC creates Alipay in blockchain digital currency


After years of development, the economic form of blockchain has been dominated by Bitcoin and its industrial ecology. With the emergence of new wallet payment and remittance companies, the blockchain economy has spread to the financial field, and the underlying technology has been constantly innovated. 2017 entered the period of development, began to explore industrial applications, appeared a large number of blockchain start-ups. The popularity of ICO in 2017 brought unprecedented attention to the blockchain industry earlier. However, due to the high volatility of the price of digital assets, the application of blockchain industry falls into practice, only listening to the sound of the stairs, but no one comes.

SSC comprehensively solves the problems existing in the holding and transaction of digital assets of enterprises, individuals and developers. In particular, it initiates the creation of new offline payment functions from the technical level to further promote the application and development of digital assets, so as to promote the healthy development of blockchain industry. SSC connects WeChat and alipay. In any business scenario, SSC assets of members can be consumed and realized by scanning the code for payment, so as to establish a comprehensive business ecosystem based on the connection between entity business and block chain. Truly SSC one coin in hand, everything.

With the application of blockchain in more industries and more extensive fields, blockchain payment system is a general direction for the combination of blockchain and commercial landing. All kinds of blockchain digital assets can be scanned for payment, the economic format of blockchain has come, digital currency has been scanned for payment by POS machine,! Digital assets on the blockchain will also be traded more frequently in the future due to the emergence of large-scale DAPP, so the convenient and quick XPOT is very necessary!

If blockchain wallets are nothing more than software for managing digital assets, they are not enough. This is also the key point where the SSC technical team is discussing the blockchain wallet mode. Now we can open our Alipay, whose function is not only limited to transfer money, but also to receive payment. It can be said that all eating, drinking and playing games can be realized on the Alipay platform, so as to have super viscosity used by customers.

SSC has provided a complete open, transparent and traceable diversified closed-loop incentive ecology for its members by virtue of its strength in the block chain business level and innovation and expansion of business model. Up to now, no other public chain can provide such a complete range of incentive services and technological innovation. All the commercial payment scenarios similar to alipay on the platform scan the WeChat and alipay payment qr code anywhere in the country through the function of fetishikong app scan, and the block chain assets in the account can be converted into RMB equivalent for successful payment!


SSC creates Alipay in blockchain digital currency


The capitalization of data and the financialization of assets, the core of which is the financial link, the closed loop of successful business model, must be the networking of equipment -- the digitization of > network -- the capitalization of > data -- the share of > assets -- the transaction of > shares -- the financialization of > transactions. Transactions based on digital assets can provide a very rich financial services, all these business model closed loop, without the financial link.

Based on the above good business model and excellent business closed loop, SSC is favored by large investment institutions and industrial investors. Autonomous communities have been established in various parts of the country, and the development situation is in full swing. Petard radar project team are currently docking, around the market atmosphere unprecedented hot, is a traditional, head of the giant block chain involved, also for block chain commercial ground to explore direction, believe that with the passage of time, the SSC with the perfect business model and good business closed loop, and the mature of offline payment technology, must will be better and better, and 2021, looking forward to more wonderful you involved.


SSC creates Alipay in blockchain digital currency


As the concept of blockchain continues to heat up, the term frequently appears in major media, attracting numerous eyeballs and being wildly pursued by capital. The real assets of human society are being transferred to virtual assets, which is a big historical dimension. The wealth movement lies in the cognitive level. Those who dare to participate and take actions will eventually benefit at this stage and welcome the advent of the blockchain commercial era.