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YASION under the new economic era of the king of the "flow"

Inthe era of new commercial economic development, the innovationadvantage is undoubtedly shown in the word "flow". Theinnovative direction of value flow has been placed on the applicationof block chain technology. Reviewing the previous data, we can seethat the success of Google, twitter, alibaba, YOUTUBE, amazon andother Internet platforms cannot be separated from the contribution ofeach of us. As long as we use the platform, we can bring traffic tothe platform and obtain capital value.

Butfor users, we make them successful, but we don't get any value back.For advertisers, because the advertising is not accurate, the branchis not transparent so that advertisers can not get any protection.Under the era of progress, the development of technology to promotethe elegant visual (YASION) block chain flow distribution platform.

YASION under the new economic era of the king of the "flow"

YASIONusing block chain technology implementation, point-to-pointtransactions, go to platform, intelligent complete autonomy dealcontract, make everyone see advertising system to make money, letadvertisers advertising directly to contributors to the flow itself.Break the opaque problem of advertising payment industry and thebarriers of cross-border payment.

Atthe same time, depending on the ecological 2020.12.15 day based onEthernet fang ERC20 network standards issued YASION - TOKEN, issued atotal of: 100000000! The original plan in June 2021 the main onlinein advance to advance in the first quarter of 2021, depending on themain chain, namely cold wallet and, depending on the chain isexpected to officially launched in the first quarter of 2021, beforethe only circulation card as ERC20 standard TOKEN, provids afterlaunch, the flow in the etheric lane network card will be cut inactive mapping, depending on the individual.

Marksthe view is about to walk into fast development, in the case of thecapital and market value, will create new business rules and give theuser a high degree of autonomy, ya see after (Yasion) will beavailable for users to use global assets.

Theglobal circulation of Ya currency will perfectly solve the globalcross-border payment problem and realize the integration of globaladvertising payment. It has become a universal payment trust bridgebetween advertisers and traffic individuals, truly escortingadvertisers and traffic individuals and completing the automatictransaction settlement.

YASION under the new economic era of the king of the "flow"

Shortvideo + ads

Wherethere is traffic, there is advertising heaven. More relaxed readingexperience, more concentrated head flow, and more intelligentrecommendation technology make the short video + advertising ecologyof AsV have greater space for development.


Canassign a short video stronger sociability, YASION ecology, anonymousencryption technology, based on the technology of block chain toanonymous users can chat, free web surfing and don't worry aboutprivacy, end-to-end encryption, anonymous saw YASION ecological everyuser join up, fu can regard YASION ecological more powerfulentertaining.

Livewith the goods

YASIONthrough the block can assign the entity industry chain, in live withgoods, and regard YASION used block chain traceability technology,realize the whole process of anti-counterfeiting industry publictraceable, guarantee the user in the visual (YASION) platform livebuy user experience, user trust, up the main worry.

Thevigorous development of economy is inseparable from the circularpromotion of technology and business behavior. Flow dividend tuydays,grasp the development direction of blockchain technology, continuousapplication, break through the global advertising media industrychain, do a good job of the "king of traffic", everyoneearn YA currency, everyone is an advertiser!