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PUMP-- The most anti-inflation cryptographic digital asset in the era ofblock chain value

Youmay find that a 10,000-yuan household in the 1980s could be called arich person, but that the 10,000-yuan household is everywhere now; Inthe 1970s, a dollar could be a semester's tuition. Now you can't takethe bus. That's inflation.

Theroot cause of inflation is that money supply is determined bygovernments and central banks. For a country, overissuing money isnot the most reasonable, but it is the most convenient means ofalleviating fiscal deficits; But for ordinary people, inflation willlead to currency devaluation, asset shrinkage and purchasing powerdecline, and hyperinflation will also plunge the society into chaos,making people's wealth vanish in an instant.

PUMP-- The most anti-inflation cryptographic digital asset in the era ofblock chain value

Againstthis background, recently, an anti-inflation cryptographic digitalasset, PUMP, which is synthesized based on intelligent contract andprice relationship, was born, which is called the "strongestsafe haven asset" in the digital currency field. It has yet togo online, and it has sparked heated debate in the industry.

PUMPmeets the requirements of decentralized currency issuance and is notcontrolled by any country, government or institution. This is thefirst premise for PUMP to resist inflation, and also the guarantee ofPUMP's stable value.

Comparedwith Bitcoin, PUMP's economic system is more reasonable. It proposesa new output mechanism: value coupling. In other words, communityecology and token price promote each other and drive the market valueto spiral up. Only when the price reaches the highest value, newtokens will be produced; otherwise, new tokens will not be produced.This avoids the phenomenon of death spiral caused by traditionalplanned output, thus well resisting the shadow brought by inflationto consumers, making the market more benign, and guaranteeing thestable appreciation of investors' wealth.

PUMP-- The most anti-inflation cryptographic digital asset in the era ofblock chain value

PUMPintegrates ethereum smart contracts, which are automatically executedand fully decentralized from trading to output, enabling investors toinvest more safely, fairly and transparently. PUMP also introducedthe social chain, and is permanently stored in the blockchain, cannot be tampered with, a promotion for a lifetime benefit. PUMP notonly has a strong community ecosystem, but also generates a greatercommunity consensus through strong social relationships, which leadsto greater asset appreciation.

Inaddition, PUMP is also suitable for various ecological applicationsand committed to becoming the infrastructure of the blockchain valuenetwork, providing the underlying technology system for applicationscenarios of various industries, enabling global enterprises andindividuals to enjoy the underlying services of the blockchain, suchas distributed ledger technology, distributed applications,cross-chain transactions, and asset on-chain issuance.

Thedevelopment of human society is a process from unreasonable toreasonable, from barbarism to civilization, from slavery to freedom.The advent of the blockchain value era is an inevitable trend in thehistory of human development. In the future, with PUMP's developmentand popularization, inflation, a historical disease that has troubledmankind for hundreds of years, will be completely cured.