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ONP Launches Uniswap

Oracle Network Protocol is oneaggregate decentralized oracle network. Drawing from the theoreticalfoundations of Chainlink and Bandprotocol, it can realize secure,smooth and efficient inter-communications between information anddata of block-chain and the real world, as well as establishinter-connections between public-chain smart contracts, such as Eth,Eos, and TRON, through cross-chain technology.

In addition to inter-communicationsbetween data and information of multiple chains, ONP can also offer aseries of infinitely verifiable decentralized data oracle andcomputing oracle services, as well as a batch of infinitelyverifiable computing capacities for mainstream block-chains.

While achieving multipletechnologies which can enhance overall security and scalability,inclusive of basic fragmentation, status channel, lightning network,as well as advanced scientific on-chain, off-chain and inter-chain(cross-chain) designs, ONP is also endowed with the hard-to-replicateinnovative heterogeneous fragmentation technology, standing out fromsimilar projects.

As of now, the brand-new oraclenetwork protocol (ONP) aggregate decentralized oracle network hasbeen launching constant advancements and plans.

2019:A series of preliminary marketing researches, conceptualverifications, establishments of core protocol prototypes andofficial launches of relevant projects were carried out accordingly.

2020:ONP was released and firstly applied to various scenarios, such asdata transmission and computing. ONP Community kicked off officialoperation following by relevant basic-chain constructions anddevelopments of various security-purposed technical tools.

2021:Partial basic functions of ONP would be successfully established. Andsuch ONP-based circulations would provide available real data forsome DApps with high-efficiency manner.

2022:ONP would achieve constructions for various data interfaces formultiple block-chain ecosystems, inclusive of Ethereum and EOS, aswell as gradually deepen their dependences upon data of ONP oraclenetwork. With the growing ONP communities and the exponentialincreases of nodes & light nodes therein, all data would be morereliable and cover most regions of Asia and Europe. In addition, ONPwould be well circulated and operated in DEFI, insurance, stable-coinand other sectors with its growing value.

2023:It’s predicted that oracle network would become the strongest andmost efficient communication bridge between the block-chain world andthe real counterpart around the globe, as well as would be widelyapplied worldwide.

In addition of various ONPcommunities scattered nationwide, more than 100 similar communitieshave been went to all lengths to be placed in every corner of theworld. At 8’clock of December 11, 2020 (Czech Time), namely 15o’clock of December 11, 2020 (Beijing Time), the brand-newdecentralized exchange-purposed Uniswap has successfully launchedwith the price of 50ONP per 1ETH. Notably, the price has increasedinto 1.35ONP ,per1ETH by 3704% as of 15 o’clock of December 16, 2020 by experiencing5 days.

The innovative ONP aggregatedecentralized oracle network has realized non-senseinteractions between the Internet and the real world.

For more details, please email toonp@airmail.cc for furtherenquiry.

ONP Launches Uniswap