• BLW,the next dark horsein DeFi,investorshave been deployed inadvance

    Summary:The cryptocurrencymarketreturns to rationality, BLW is ready to go! Thecryptovurrency market is detonated by DeFi thissummer,but this is just the beginning. Since17 July this year theDeFi’sYFI online,just a few days time, YFI from $300 pulled up to $4,500,the highest peak of $44,000 is4 times overthe same period the price of BTC’s $11,600.Thelock-up volume ofYFI exceeded$1 billion, the highest peak reached $1.323 billion, and the transferfee on the Ethereum chain reached a record high of $500,000 . YFI'ssoaring price has completely released the long silent blockchainmarket,along with the birth of Uniswap , Corn , Sushi and Kimchi seriesof DeFi star eco- landing , an outbreak of anew round of "tide of farmers" . Upto now,thelock-up volume inDeFi...