• Innovative DeFi+NFT+Crypto Art Platform—Sunflower Swap

    Who are we? If you are the owner of cryptoasset, you might find that the crypto asset market is ever-changing.Only continuous innovationcan keep the value everlasting.The current crypto art market is rising strongly,which is perfect time for the appearance of Sunflower Swap! Sunflower Swap is an ETH-based NFT decentralized platform which adopts DeFi protocol.It firstly uses AMMand SLP (providing liquidity proof for mining) to pledge andobtain cryptoassets,Sunflower(SFR),andthen takesSFR to exchange NFT provided byplatform.At the same time,Sunflower Swapcreates an ETH-based democratized AMM,and a decentralized art collection financial ecosystem, and a DeFidistribution...

  • An ‘Uninspiring’ Day of A Crypto Futures Master

    To those who bet big with crypto contracts of getting rich overnight. A user going by the name of “bitsanren” on Chainnode (formerly 8btc forum, the earliest and largest crypto community in China) has shared his one-day heart-stirring contracts trading experience. At 10 a.m., I woke up from 5-hour sleep, picked up my mobile phone and ordered takeout after a simple wash. I watched the crowd on the street outside the window, feeling grateful for the freedom and ease of doing crypto trading full-time at home. Suddenly remind myself of my ongoing...

  • China Crypto Roundup (Aug 24- Aug 31): China Opened CBDC Wallet Registration, Blockchain Being A Keyword of AntGroup’s Prospectus, China’s Inner Mongolia Tightens Policy on Crypto Mining

    In this past week, China’s CBDC was seen a step closer to real use case as China Construction Bank opened digital yuan wallet registration in last Saturday, blockchain being a keyword of Alibaba’s AntGroup prospectus, regulators in China’s Inner Mongolia stop preferential electricity treatment for 21 crypto mining farms, Hong Kong to approve the first license of virtual asset trading platform…… Major China bank disables digital yuan wallet registration after launch draws intense public attention China’s one of the major banks China Construction Bank (CCB) started wallet registration for DCEP...

    Latest 09/03/2020