• USDG: The on-chain revenue protocol token

    USDGis the on-chain revenue protocol token of CryptoDAO Hedge Fund. Allusers deposit USDT in USDG Finance, will automatically mint the sameamount of USDG and invest in CryptoDAO Hedge Fund to obtain income.CryptoDAO Hedge Fund is a project of Goliath Limited registered inthe Republic of Seychelles. It is a recently emerging distributedorganization focusing on quantitative trading and DeFi research. Thecore members are top industry professionals and professionaltraditional VCs with first-hand resources in the industry and yearsof risk control experience. Thetoken smart contract address: 0xc13F2Cd125491CBAE79e3EAD6B181103c6dE6F9b Basicattributes of USDG: 1.Ethereum ERC20 standard protocol...