• TMX: Global recruiting order officially opened, sharing IPFS 100 billion value dividend

    The Internet is in the midst of a revolution, from the blockchain 1.0 digital currency, which solves the decentralization of currency and means of payment, to 2.0 intelligent contract, which realizes the combination of digital currency and intelligent contract.Decentralize to 3.0 to build a credit consensus.Centralized services are being replaced by decentralized open services. The trusted center is replaced by verifiable computation; Fragile location addresses are replaced by elastic content addresses; Inefficient monolithic services have been replaced by the point-to-point algorithm market. Many attempts have been made in the world...

  • Analysis of the currency market in September

    By S.H.Zhou (senior analyst of Currency Marketing) In the whole year trend, the market in September was extremely active. It was a long-span market that BTC reached a high of $12450 while its lowest level was maintained at $8500. And the profit range was also a big gain. This month onward,  BTC have entered 51 times in the markets, profited 44 orders, with an accuracy rate of 86%, and an overall profit of 8,479 points. The trend of ETH in September is similar to BTC. ETH reached $488 while its...