• Shenzhou Union——Blockbuster hit hard core development

    2020 can be said to be the first year of the development of the value blockchain industry, with policy support and capital surges. Under stricter supervision, chaos has dropped sharply, and the industry has gradually improved. Each vertical segmentation field has a clear context and a clear direction. Among all segments, the blockchain may become a new round of wealth and technological innovation growth point.   Technology is the only truth that can run through time. CNU International Public Chain is the leader of blockchain public chain 4.0 and shoulders...

  • EtherV Foundation Construct New Benchmark For The Development Of The Digital Economy

    In 2020, the first year of "industrial blockchain" will truly begin.As the infrastructure of the Internet of Value, the blockchain will usher in great development with the digital economy such as artificial intelligence in 2020 and the following 3-5 years.Blockchain technology is precisely because it is good at constructing a trusted environment and a trusted value system that the Internet cannot be solve, and it has become a breakthrough in many technical fields of the digital economy.This also echoes the core of the web3.0 zeitgeist that builds a highly transparent...

  • AISWAP(AIS) | Open DeFi Ecosystem Boosts Enterprise Digital Transformationand Upgrade

    2020is a year of coexistence of opportunities and changes. In this year,the COVID-19 epidemic quickly swept the world.  Countries around theworld are shrouded in the shadow of the virus. Both personal life andcorporate development ecology have undergone earth-shaking changes.Global business development has never been closely linked by theInternet. Theblockchain industry has also undergone major changes unseen in thepast decade: Bitcoin's third halving has been completed, distributedstorage DSN has developed vigorously, and decentralized financialDeFi has exploded. Whetherit is the mature development of distributed storage DSN or theskyrocketing of DeFi, these undoubtedly...