• CLOWN TOKEN strike with overwhelming power!

    CLOWN Token is created by several game enthusiasts in Singapore and South Korea, combining the rules of DEFI and using the characteristics of ERC-20. It mainly solves the simple technical applications of point-to-point substitution, offset and guarantee in the game field of DEFI world. Because the initial application is mainly docking chess and card casual games, his name uses the head of the big ghost of poker. CLOWN Token 110 W in total It is divided into three parts: 1. Leisure chess and cards 40w 2. Professional chess and cards...

  • Lucky Number: A Game without Losers

    Inthe early stage of design, the designers carefully analyzed theblockchain in the past two years and hoped to develop a product thatwould not damage the user's assets but can obtain high profits andrebuild the people's belief. All greatness needs an opportunity. Asthe upsurge of DEFI is coming, the original fantasy comes true, agame without losers is finally developed, marking the coming out ofLucky Number. Theworking principle of Lucky Number is that the deposited assets canproduce returns automatically through the pledge of AAVE, Compoundand dYdX. The players sign an intelligent contract,...