• PUMP-- The most anti-inflation cryptographic digital asset in the era ofblock chain value

    Youmay find that a 10,000-yuan household in the 1980s could be called arich person, but that the 10,000-yuan household is everywhere now; Inthe 1970s, a dollar could be a semester's tuition. Now you can't takethe bus. That's inflation. Theroot cause of inflation is that money supply is determined bygovernments and central banks. For a country, overissuing money isnot the most reasonable, but it is the most convenient means ofalleviating fiscal deficits; But for ordinary people, inflation willlead to currency devaluation, asset shrinkage and purchasing powerdecline, and hyperinflation will also plunge...

  • Warren Buffett Shifts Funds From US Amid Inflation Fears, Bitcoin's New All-Time High Expected

    Warren Buffett has made another major investment shift, one that reduces Berkshire Hathaway’s dependence on the U.S. economy. This news followed the Federal Reserve’s policy announcement to “push up inflation,” which is seen as bullish for bitcoin, with some predicting that the price of the cryptocurrency will soon reach an all-time high. Buffett Reducing US Dependence Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has invested over $6 billion in Japan’s five biggest trading houses. The company has taken a 5% stake in Itochu Corp., Marubeni Corp., Mitsubishi Corp., Mitsui & Co. Ltd., and...