• Blockchain+ insurance industry BIG platform empowers market changes

    The application of blockchain technology is reshaping the entireinsurance industry value chain and laying the foundation for thedigital transformation of insurance. The BIG (Blockchain InsuranceGlobal) insurance chain platform uses the latest technology such asconsensus mechanism, smart contracts, and distributed ledgers totransform the traditional insurance process. Using blockchain, BIGaims to build a decentralized insurance management system and aninsurance transaction market. The BIG insurance platform combines blockchain technology with theinsurance industry to digitize insurance products and modularizeinsurance business processes, thereby improving efficiency andproductivity, and returning value to users and participants of theplatform....

  • Revolutionizingthe traditional insurance industry, are you on the BIG insurancechain?

    Economiesare reforming; insurance industry is facing transformation Withthe continuous waves of disruptive innovation, the insurance industryis transforming far faster than digital transformation. Changes incustomer demand and the reform of the economy are gradually changingthe industry. The emergence of blockchain technology not onlyproposes brand-new solutions to the issues faced by traditionalinsurance, but also solves insurance’s “last mile” problem,that is, preventing moral hazard, protecting customer privacy, andensuring information security. Blockchain is bound to bring hugechanges to the insurance industry. Theinsurance industry itself is more complicated, because it involvesconsumers, insurers, intermediaries, reinsurers, and...