• BLW,the next dark horsein DeFi,investorshave been deployed inadvance

    Summary:The cryptocurrencymarketreturns to rationality, BLW is ready to go! Thecryptovurrency market is detonated by DeFi thissummer,but this is just the beginning. Since17 July this year theDeFi platformYearn.finance’sYFI online,just a few days time, YFI from $300 pulled up to $4,500,the highest peak of $44,000 is4 times overthe same period the price of BTC’s $11,600.Thelock-up volume ofYFI exceeded$1 billion, the highest peak reached $1.323 billion, and the transferfee on the Ethereum chain reached a record high of $500,000 . YFI'ssoaring price has completely released the long silent blockchainmarket,along with the birth of Uniswap , Corn , Sushi and Kimchi seriesof DeFi star eco- landing , an outbreak of anew round of "tide of farmers" . Upto now,thelock-up volume inDeFi...

  • Blockchainmeets online education. Is theMIC platform a revolution or just empty talk?

    Theeducation industry has always been one of the industries with thegreatest growth potential, and in this era dominated by the Internet,the traditional offline education industry is also facing hugechallenges and pressures just like catering, finance, and e-commerce.According to the survey, there are hundreds of thousands of domesticeducation and training institutions, but 95% of them have revenuesbelow 10 million yuan, which shows that competition is fierce in theindustry. Especiallyaffected by the pandemic, many offline education institutions arefacing financial difficulties caused by loss of students, lack ofteachers, high rental costs, and competition...