• Innovative DeFi+NFT+Crypto Art Platform—Sunflower Swap

    Who are we? If you are the owner of cryptoasset, you might find that the crypto asset market is ever-changing.Only continuous innovationcan keep the value everlasting.The current crypto art market is rising strongly,which is perfect time for the appearance of Sunflower Swap! Sunflower Swap is an ETH-based NFT decentralized platform which adopts DeFi protocol.It firstly uses AMMand SLP (providing liquidity proof for mining) to pledge andobtain cryptoassets,Sunflower(SFR),andthen takesSFR to exchange NFT provided byplatform.At the same time,Sunflower Swapcreates an ETH-based democratized AMM,and a decentralized art collection financial ecosystem, and a DeFidistribution...