• From ETH To ETHV Blockchain Technology Finally Returns To What It Should Be

    The 21st century is the era of Internet information, but also the era of blockchain. Blockchain technology brings a brand-new joint collaboration model without trust barriers, which makes the collaboration between parties more efficient, and improves the capital efficiency and speed of value circulation.As the earliest application field of blockchain technology, digital currencies represented by BTC (Bitcoin) are widely sought after because of their safety, reliability, and decentralization. But at the same time, the single value of the blockchain industry function has no practical application support, which also raises questions...

  • ESC Exchange will be the Next Wind Vane?

    Therole of technology in driving the transformation and upgrading of thefinancial service industry has become increasingly obvious, and thetrend of financial service model reform led by technologicalinnovation will continue. The emergence of blockchain technology haspointed out a new direction for the current global financialsituation. However, the current application of blockchain in thefinancial industry is not perfect. Technology development andoperation costs are high, and most scenarios cannot support expensivesystem costs. Theapplication of blockchain in the whole industry cannot be implementedquickly. There are two main reasons: one is that there is no...

  • Super RadarSRC -- Make the world better

    On November1, 2008, a man calling himself Satoshi Nakamoto published bitcoin: APeer-to-peer Electronic Cash System. In this paper, bitcoin is firstproposed based on P2P network technology, encryption technology,timestamp technology, blockchain technology and other electronic cashsystem invented. Theinvention of Bitcoin marked the birth of the digital passbook. Inthe decades of development of DIGITAL Passbook, the emergence ofrising stars ethereum, Ripple currency and USDT has been enrichingand expanding the world of digital passbook. When it enteredthousands of households, bitcoin, which was once a lonely currency,has already become a giant in the family...