• Why is TFT token worthy ofyour attention and investment?

    Every year, there are alwaysnew hotspots in the currency circle, and new hotspots also representnew wealth opportunities. In 2019, we witnessed the IEO boom led byexchanges. Huobi tTOP took the lead in launching a wave of fierceattacks. , Rose 10 times, and other exchanges began to follow suit,driving a wave of bull market in 19 years. Under the influence of the newcrown of the epidemic this year, the market first experienced atumbling price of a thousand points, and then began a Jedi rebound,hitting the ten thousand points market. Recently, the...

  • How Does TrueChain Revolutionize the DeFi Ecosystem?

    Since June of this year, the trend of liquid mining has started and the DeFi market has ushered in explosive growth. Blockchain is an emerging industry, and it is normal for trending areas to continuously rotate. What is the frequent occurrence of the word DeFi? Why is it so popular? What are its development prospects? Why do so many organizations rush to deploy their DeFi ecosystem first?   With the popularity of the DeFi concept in the crypto world, the market value of many DeFi projects has skyrocketed. As a...