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01/13/2021 • 02Asia/Shanghai161Asia/Shanghai3016am21





据官方消息,ET—M矿场将于2021年1月14日开放ET—M矿场兑换矿机,并将开启算力认购,抢购可在官方APP进行抢购兑换。ETN是ET—M矿场中矿机算力产出唯一通证。 在双币驱动的机制下,ETW(自由流通)与ETN(矿机产出)形成双币闭环,价值可持续传导,预计4-5年可以完全产出ETN。在大量的矿机开机的情况下算力飙升,对整个Ether Realm生态起到核心作用,未来将打造全球贸易、支付结算、金融的多方高效协作的生态圈,让全球贸易更繁荣,更高效。

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2021年1月8日,UWORLD去中心化金融生态联盟与百泽香品牌正式达成战略合作。 百泽香品牌在大陆地区100+线下专柜同步开启UWD的线下支付结算,为UWORLD生态联盟的应用为社区用户提供服务。UWORLD还将通过区块链底层技术的支持,赋能百泽香品牌完成资产数字化上链。本次合作标志着UWORLD在保持公链的高效运转的同时,正式开启服务传统实体经济的生态布局。

01/08/2021 • JanuarySat, 16 Jan 2021 05:00:30 +08000016am21

Orange Capital has reached mining cooperation with BED, TimestampVC and Quantmax Fund.

Since the launch of BED (Bit Ecological Digital Asset) China first community on November 1, 2020, Orange Cloud Mining has been concerned by the crypto industry. Following the mining cooperation between Orange Capital and Crypto Capital on January 1, 2021, Orange Capital also cooperated with TimestampVC, a well-known U.S. financial service institution focusing on global development, and Quantmax, a top investment and research institution of blockchain in Singapore on January 7. TimestampVC and Quantmax Fund have reached a consensus on mining cooperation after the talks. TimestampVC and Quantmax Fund are...

12/04/2020 • JanuarySat, 16 Jan 2021 05:00:30 +08000016am21


The AURORA Chinese community has evolved through the twists and turns, but it doesn't affect our overall layout and plans. The final circulation of 21,000 tokens will not change, the 10-year release and destruction plan will not change. The only regret is that I will take 100% of the early contributors' chips, but we believe this is temporary.The AURORA wallet and transactions will continue to expand the community as planned over the coming years. We have to ensure the value of each token and the benefit of each participant, so...

11/27/2020 • JanuarySat, 16 Jan 2021 05:00:30 +08000016am21

Huang Han: gray increase is equivalent to lock warehouse increase, which is good

Today, Huang Han, a partner of bow capital, is a guest coin world studio. When talking about gray scale increase, he thinks that grayscale is a bitcoin trust fund. The biggest difference between it and bitcoin ETF is that it can only apply for shares and can't redeem shares. As a result, those who give bitcoin to grayscale can't get back bitcoin for the time being. These bitcoins will always be locked in the custody wallet of coinbase Medium. Increasing gray position means that the number of bitcoin locked in...


Dahua bank, the third largest bank in Singapore, is suspected to develop an encrypted escrow solution

According to the block, United Overseas Bank, Singapore's third-largest bank, appears to be developing a crypto hosting solution. The bank has created a position of "Vice President - encryption security administrator" to obtain expert advice on how to design a security solution for "encryption key management.". The work includes managing the installation of the hardware security module (HSM), establishing a "centralized" key management solution, maintaining encryption keys, and other responsibilities. Applicants should have a clear understanding and experience of HSM equipment, encryption standards, password key generation and management, and payment...


Founder of Galaxy Digital: "plustoken MLM case" shows that blockchain is more conducive to law enforcement

Mike Novogratz, founder of Galaxy digital, told the "plustoken pyramid scheme has seized $4.2 billion in encrypted assets." from a global perspective, this is positive. Another evidence suggests that blockchains are actually more law enforcement than people think.


Gray scale: digital currency will completely change the financial system, but it will not happen overnight

Gray scale officials tweeted today that digital money will revolutionize our financial system, but it won't happen overnight. That's why we are building transparent, familiar investment products to help people enter this rapidly growing asset class.


More investment by cypher and sale of xmrpc in Canada

Cyperpunk holdings, a Canadian listed investment company, sold off its holdings of Ethereum and Monroe and invested the proceeds in bitcoin, according to coindesk. Bitcoin holdings rose 279% to 276.479 from 72.979 at the end of the second quarter, the company said on Thursday. The company is financing additional bitcoin investments through a "full liquidation" of XmR and eth contracts. Part of the proceeds of the $505000 (nearly $400000) private placement deal that ended August 27 was also used to buy bitcoin.