• Heavyweight丨Charity blockchain Blockchain +Charity: Trust and Link the Future

    Charities and non-profitorganizations play an important role in human society. With thedevelopment of Internet technology, the scale and radiation range ofpublic welfare has been unprecedentedly enlarged, and the publicwelfare scandals that followed have followed, constantly challengingpublic welfare. The social credibility of charity. If public welfareand charity organizations want to continue to develop, the guaranteeof credibility is indispensable. The blockchain technology to solve the "trust problem" isaccompanied by a wave of financial investment, which also points outa clear path for the development of charity. As the blockchain bringsmore and more influences...

  • CBCGlobal First Blockchain Charity Ceremony ended successfully,delivering the concept of "Blockchain + Charity"

    Withthe continuous development of technological innovation, the value andsignificance of the blockchain itself are broad and far-reaching. Inthe field of public welfare and insurance, the core value of theblockchain lies in the ability to handle the relationship betweenindividuals and collectives more fairly, transparently andefficiently. On June 8, 2020, the CBC Blockchain Charity Ceremony"Explore Charity Blockchain and Make Charity More Transparent"organized by Charityblockchain and a number of charity media came toa successful conclusion in Beijing. The theme of this charityceremony was "Blockchain to do charity together",demonstrating the technical power and influence...