• FSCoin may take the world by storm. GBSD Foundation is supported by leaders of many countries

    The UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said on Tuesday that it will ban the sale of derivatives that track digital currencies such as Bitcoin to retail investors, effective January 6, 2021. The FCA said the ban will directly save retail investors $92 million in losses. At the same time, FCA said that the digital currency project initiated by the registration organization and the Foundation will greatly reduce the risk OF investors and users. The Commonwealth GBSD Foundation GBSD Foundation OF the UK, which was jointly established by several countries, successively...

  • YZZ (Yield Zone.Z): the leader of financial lab.

    YieldZone (YZZ) is a DeFi 2.0 platform built by the top technical team inMoscow, Russia. YZZ public chain system will focus on solving theobvious problems of limited business scope and low businessefficiency of the current DeFi ecosystem. YZZ will use a series oftechnical means, such as decentralized Oracle, decentralized randomnode hosting technology, cross chain memory exchange pool, andsubsequent liquidity incentive mining to promote the ecologicaldevelopment and value of YZZ. YZZ is a huge blockchain project. Interms of consensus mechanism, we believe that a single consensusmechanism can not effectively solve the...

  • NewInternet economy, giant cloud will boost the new era of e-commerce

    Economicbackground: Vietnam's economic picture in 2019 will close down withthe high growth momentum of macroeconomic foundation, which willinject power into the economy in 2020. However, the uncertain factorsof the world economy and the hidden difficulties in the economy arethe factors that need to be handled cautiously in 2020. Mobilee-commerce is not only the extension of e-commerce from wiredInternet to mobile Internet, but also greatly enriches theapplication of e-commerce. In the future, it will profoundly changethe mode of consumption and payment, and effectively penetrate intoall walks of life to promote the...